Pole Dancer

Ferrari Crashed Into Pole

c/o ukamerican

13 Responses to "Pole Dancer"

  1. Holy crap!! That takes some talent. Definitely sucks to be that driver, err, dancer!

  2. hold me close o' pole-y dancer!

  3. Ohh bugger. Just aswell insurance is compulsory.

  4. Awwww man. 🙁 Those poles costs $165!

  5. OMG!! Now that's the latest car design!

  6. No way.. I'm gonna pull that bar!

  7. Whoa!Tough steel bar!

  8. OMG! I'm going to have a heart attack. Yes I'd be the chick crying my baby my baby and mean the car.

  9. This occurred outside the Windsor Hotel, South Perth, Australia in 2006.

  10. Haaaaaaaaa loser,

  11. aahhh...
    just a cheap car....

  12. Nice looking ride but can we driver's ed?

  13. you always know how to rock my socks. Thank you.

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