Teeny Tiny Deer

Tiny Baby Muntjac Deer

c/o dailymail

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  1. This is a cute pic!! ^^

  2. I know that deer! It was rescued by the Backstreet boys!

  3. sooooooooo stinkin cute

  4. o.0 whoa small deer

  5. photo shopped picture of a chiuaua..chiwawa....chiuawa?? however you spell it...this is not a tiny deer.

  6. 😀 how cute i love that dear its so cute. 😀

  7. It is not photo shopped....his name was Rupert and he was taken by C section when him mom was hit by a car. He did not make it and passed away a few days later. They tried awfully hard to save him though.

  8. Awww....so cute!

  9. OMG thats a deer? because everyone keeps sayin its so cute, i m gonna say itsa gorgeous!

  10. lol, love the Backstreet Boys!

  11. Actually, this isn't Rupert. The pictures of Rupert were actually a Muntjac deer. I'm not saying the story isn't true though. If you look closely the deer has 2 black lines on its head and only baby muntjac deer have that.

  12. definitely cute as hell. but really does look like a photo shopped photo of a chiuaua... however you spell it. lol

  13. he's so cute!!!!!!!!
    i've never seen a deer so cute in my life!!!!!!!!!

  14. he's so fricken cute!!!!!!
    can't believe he's that small!!!!!

  15. where is my shotgun????

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