Free For Chubbies

Free For Chubbies | Lane Bryant Ad

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  1. "... too chubby to fit into regular sizes..."


  2. I shouldn't laugh. But I did.

  3. HA! Now that was just cold. I think that the intention was in the right place, but the outcome was pure comedy, lol.

  4. True and I imagine decades from now we'll think
    differently about some of the ads used today.

  5. My late wife shopped at Lane Bryant; she weighed between 260 and 300 lbs, and she referred to the store as "Porker Palace."

  6. I didn't realize Lane Bryant had been around as long as it apparently has. Back when the sizes were 'chubettes' XD

  7. sprucemoose: That's funny and sad at the same time.

  8. Lane Bryant is my favorite store. I had no Idea it has been around that long. I was skin and bones as a child. If I had to walk in a store that had that poster in the window I would have skipped school every day. Times are more filtered than I thought they were after seeing this.

  9. Sears had a section for girls called Chubbies back in the 50's and 60's. I should know because I wore them. The boy's version was Huskies and my husband and brother wore them. There never was much of a selection and is why my mother and I sewed the majority of my clothes growing up.

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