Camo Couch

Camouflage Couch

7 Responses to "Camo Couch"

  1. I dropped a card earlier, then realized I didn't remember your picture today.. I had to come back.. couldn't figure out (for a second or two) just what was so interesting about the couch. Ha! You got me.

    Love your site. 🙂

  2. That's funny. I was thinking the exact same as you
    and it took me a bit to figure it out.

    Thank you!

  3. That couch looks especially springy. We should jump on it.

  4. I looked at it and thought you were nuts. Then looked at the word camo and voila.

  5. Excellent picture, I had to stare at it for a bit before I saw the soldier.

  6. nice the one time that uniform actually works

  7. I saw the man bc of the boots.

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