Itty Bitty Gerbil

Tiny Baby Gerbil

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  1. That be an itty bitty hamster!
    This lady has the best hamster pics.....

  2. aww, it's so cute :'D

  3. Yes it is too cute !

  4. It was cute the first time I saw it. It was cute the second time I saw it. It was really really cute the third time, because I was drunk. Since then it has never been the same though, it is as if by some magic the cuteness has decreased a little for every subsequent time I have stumbled onto this picture, down to its current level of negative nine trillion cutesicles on the Fairyscale. That's lower than two girls one cup, and as such I deem this image to be an horrible offense against humanity, and ask that you stop reposting all the crap you find on the internet before someone decides to put you on trial for warcrimes.

    Also, like it was the other nine trillion times, it is still photoshopped.

  5. What was life like before stumbleupon? Do you ring your local television station to complain when you've seen the episode of Seinfeld they are running? When I did, they apologized and offered to send someone out to walk me through the instructions on how to change the channel.

    Cute hamster!!

  6. so cute ;0

  7. funny it looks like it is about to **** it is sooooo cute

  8. adorable!

  9. this is a chinese dwarf hamster, i used to breed mine 🙂

  10. and it is also NOT photoshopped, these things are bloody teensy weensy when theyre first born =3 excuse the double posting

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