Just Add Water

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  1. Would you tell me where to buy this product? My newborn baby has allergy to cow milk based product so badly and she got eczemma too. I was recommended for her to try horse milk.
    I am desperately leanning on you help.

    Thank you in advance


  2. Horse? I hope they don't mean the male....

  3. I am an enthusiast of strange and exotic foods, nasty stuff that only certain cultures eat, and I have had a chance to try horse cheese. Despite my love of strange tastes I found it foul beyond comparison.

    I would suggest, Ed, that you find a horse farmer and have them milk a mare while she is foaling. Be sure to pasteurize the milk before you give it to an infant.

  4. Simply pasteurizing horse's milk will not be nutritious enough for a human infant. The best first choice in mother's breast milk. If the baby's mom can't or won't breastfeed there are human milk banks in the US (perhaps in other countries as well). Try contacting a Lactation Consultant for more information.

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