Tastes Awful, But It Works

Buckely's Facial Expressions

5 Responses to "Tastes Awful, But It Works"

  1. PLEASE tell me what they had so I can give it to my boys 😉

  2. I'm not sure but their expressions reminded me of
    a commercial for Buckley's cold medicine.
    It's pretty horrible stuff. You can get it at Rite-Aid =)

  3. HA! Whatever it is, I don't want any.

    On the other hand, perhaps they're friends who discovered that they had been sleeping with the same guy. That's dramatically yucky!

  4. Wow, that girl in the red shirt.... Wow. That is SOME facial expression. She probably doesn't even know it's circling the 'net.

  5. Thats what i give my guests that get sick. I have always said that stuff can cure aids.

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