Power of Fruits

Power of Fruits | Japanese Boy Band Endorsement Billboard

c/o JM Rocher

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  1. they all look pretty gay. is that why it says the power of fruits?

  2. seriously they look like women hahahah

  3. These guys are called Kattun (Cartoon), and this was when they still looked preadolescent... they're now much older and totally hot... but that hair... Oi!. This is a particularly bad bunch of do's even for Japanese idol guys.

  4. IT is KAT-TUN, does not mean (Cartoon) like Xibee said. Each letter in the name KAT-TUN stands for one of the members in the group. K for Kamenishi Kazuya, A for Akanishi Jin, T for Takada Koki, T for Taguchi Junnosuke, U for Ueda Tatsuya and N for Nakamura Yuichi.

    Xibee obviously doesn't know what they are talking about. KAT-TUN is a big, BIG thing in Japan. More so now. Akanishi Jin was just featured in the "Sex" issue of AnAn magazine... nekkid.

  5. OMG in no way is kat-tun gay! I live in america and i cant go a day without listening to them! they are awesome everywher! I agree with ravyen>

  6. I agree with Ravyen and khimura27 And it says "power of fruits" because it is a promotion of a fruit gum named Plus-x, isn't it pretty obvious?, I mean, if you put a little more effort and look at the "NEW!" words you would be able to realize that there is an image of the gum.

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