First Corinthians

Back Tattoo | First Corinthians, Chapter 13

c/o Joey DeVilla

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  1. I think there's more to love than that. But since her ass crack got in the way, we'll never know.
    ....or maybe if we flip her over the story is continued?

  2. Wow. That's one unique tramp stamp. LOL

  3. Bl-ASS-phemy?

  4. I love that verse...had it read at my wedding *mumbles some number* years ago, butt (pun intended obviously) seriously...WHY?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Now that's appropriate. God's word at the crack of your ass. Hahaha.

  6. def unique.... will she hate herself in 5 yrs for doing this?

  7. lol seriously that had to hurt ouch!!!!!!!!!

  8. Isnt that what they call "reading material"?????

  9. wow, what a turn off!
    i doubt love is the main thing on a guys mind

  10. wow thats long and on your ass and the word of god nice choice

  11. This tattoo is awesome! dont listen to what they are saying, they're talking shit cuz there jealous. Its amazing. Mad props to you.

  12. beautifully written words found on an unpartically place of the body goes well with anything. leave her alone its her body not yours. its a nice tattoo by the way 🙂

  13. did no one notice the mistake?

    "there is no limit to it's faith"

    its is possessive
    it's = it is.


  14. i Think Its a Nice Tattoo An a Nice Place To ave It Dont Listen To All The TwatsOn Ea Takin The Piss .. They Obviously Jealous Or Dont Have AnyThing Better To Do .. Nice Tattoo


  16. i bet she has a butter face

  17. i think this verse should be needled on breast, chest or your upper back... not on ass cracks...

  18. i like your tattoo, its sort of holistical but in a wrong but mere sexy position!!

  19. that is my favorite verse of all times. i love that u put it on ur body but when ur crack is starring me in the face it feels wrong to read it.

  20. looks like a loose translation...

  21. no one will be reading her ass unless she gets a colonoscopy

  22. ps im not a hater i have a tattoo on my ankle not my ass

  23. Don't listen to these W*$KERS, as a tattooist myself its an awesome tattoo well placed they're only bitching cause they would be crying themselves

  24. i think its very nice that some one can believe in love so much

  25. i like it. it's different. unique. i can bet you any money i'll never see another tat like that

    p.s. to the idiot who said it's is possesive
    apostrophes can also be used to show ownership
    like thats mike's cat.
    i hate dumb ppl.

    It's is a contraction for it is or it has.
    Its is a possessive pronoun meaning, more or less, of it or belonging to it.

    The 'idiot' was right.

    As for the tattoo? A lovely thought, but definately the wrong placement.

  27. Michelle - "Its" is a special case; while apostrophes can usually show possession, in the case of "its", the possessive form and the contracted form are differentiated by the apostrophe. The more you know, the less you make an ass (pun intended) of yourself by using rude words for people who know something that you don't.

  28. wow are you kidding me! couldnt you have just pulled up ur pants a little bit more...i couldnt even enjoy the words because i was blinded by your stinky gross wrinkally ass crack trick

  29. Far out each to their own. Oppionated (dont know how to spell haha) I love it. I love tattoos. Some ppl dont but shutup tattoos r mad

  30. Maybe her man never went to church, so she's compensating by giving him something Biblical to read! PRAISE DA LORD!

  31. like this heard it somewhere but cant remember although i can barely see wat it says on her azs but i still like it...luv ya FITtZsZ

  32. This is a really nice tattoo. There is nothing more beautiful than the word of god being printed on the work of god. Anyone who says differently are gay. They have no idea what they're talking about. Congratulations 🙂
    I hope these anus faces haven't made you regret your tattoo.


  34. when will hoes learn that tramp stamps are tramp stamps no matter what they say

  35. i think its awesome. its your body, decorate it how you choose, those other people are stupid. and i agree with ana. words of god on the work of god. i have one. im addicted and there will be many more to come =]

  36. Even during the most erotic sexual experiences my mind is in touch with divine love .... it is very beautiful.

  37. isnt that tattoo kinda like having
    "God Will Smite You For Sexing Me Up"
    on your vagina?

  38. WOW

    Well I can say this nice lettering not a thing I would personally put on myself though...
    Thing is after you have a kid(or 2) the ink may have some seriously horrible damage...and lazer removal
    costs alot more than the tattoo did.

  39. when you get fat . you wont be able to read it . life sucks.

  40. A tramp stamp is a tramp stamp no matter how you ink it. I guess the Chinese symbol for lametard is on the front in this case?

    The End.

  41. actually i heard sex brings u closer to God

  42. haha, pointless
    in what, 30 years, you wont be able to read it
    she will be to wrinkled heh

    and thats prob. long enough to make a baby book.

  43. i think its a good one, she just needed to pull the pants up a smidge. stop focussing on the negative, shes living for today who cares about tomarrow, lifes to short to worry about that kind of shit. i thought it was original. it looks good girl.

  44. Now there's a good idea to get people to actually read the bible.

  45. can't believe "it's" is misspelled.

  46. i love that tattoo!!!!! i have that same verse tattooed on my arm in a cross and all of those makin fun of it should step and get some real balls. Becuz thats wat it takes to tattoo Gods words on ur body for life in such a persecuted world. i think its awesome!!!!!

  47. I love that verse, and I think that the script that it is done is very beautiful, but I would not have put it in that particular spot. No hating's her body, and what she chooses to do with it is her business. So for those of you who are hating....get over it!

  48. Now you know this lass had to have some guts and patience to have it there, it's quite big too.

    If people don't like her tattoo that is entirely their own opinion but is there any need to be so rude about it?

    I personally am not that keen on it but wouldn't have it done, but I do think it is nice, and the wording is nice too very God-like.

    ALLLLLLLSOOOOOOOOOOO whats with the IT IS or IT'S ...... same thing to mean at the end of the day!

  49. jesus people - leave her alone!

    if you dont like it then dont waste your precious time argueing why!

    not a huge fan of this one - definately original though!

    and to the girl whose tattoo it is - i also got one there (smaller but still) for the reason that if i do get fat and when the wrinkles come, i can easily cover it up!

    and i got mine for me, not for anyone elses benefit!

  50. Why is the first thing people do when they see this is make the association between the tattoo and sex? I know the only time you boys got to see that portion of women's bodies is when sex is the only thing on your minds, but believe it or not, she is with those words wherever she goes. When she's working, when she's having a good time with friends, when she's in school. It sucks that our bodies are associated only with sex.
    There are so many PRACTICAL reasons for putting a tattoo on that section of your body. And seriously, all the 'crack' you bitches are complaining about amounts to half a centimeter. Grow up.

    Anyway, kudos to you for your tattoo. I love it.

  51. if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
    you ignorant people amuse me. the girl obviously put it on her body because she likes it. why all the negativity? grow up.. but nice tat 🙂

  52. The reason we associate it with sex michelle is because, she herself cant read the tattoo, leaving only others to read it.

  53. Third place prize for worst tattoo generated by Google Image search

  54. WOW. if i was u i wood say eff all da haterz on here knockin u cuz u got sum serious work on ya back. i think its a beautiful master piece. n as far as her readin it her self it is very well posible. trust me i got 1 on my back n i read it every day!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  55. how do we no it's a female?

  56. I / Brie / Beans: Absolutely correct. Who's the idiot, Michelle?
    Also, there is in incorrect usage of the semicolon.
    There should be a colon in the statement "Three things last forever: Faith, Hope and Love." Come to think of it, is that a period after Faith? That would make it even worse as the statement begins with "THREE things".
    I do understand, however, the fragmented sentences in this case, and in a lot of cases for that matter.
    Laura, I disagree. Errors, particularly spelling errors, are a real turn-off. And on a tattoo? Embarrassing!

  57. "Also, there is in incorrect" should be
    Also, there is AN incorrect".
    For the record.

  58. whoo whoo.. what are u guyZ? grammar teachers? what the hell are u talking about.. can u just leave her alone? who are you to judge someone? huh? are you perfect? GET LOST! besides, it's her life, her body, her choice, her happiness... and you really have nothing to do with it.. if u don't like it, be it.. it wasn't made for anyway.. she didn't force you like it either, so just shut up.. PUTAS!

    it's nice.. really...
    i don't care! we all have it..
    >2 the girl> i hope you didn't get to regret just because of those jealous PUTAS!

  59. i love this tattoo dont listen to them all i'm actually getting a very similar one on my side just not the same words. they all seem to be said differently

  60. kristo: Jealous?! Of what? Of someone who gets a tattoo that anyone can get? Don't think so.

  61. Wait a second...isn't getting tattoo'd against the christian religion? oh yeah:

    "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD." Lev 19:28

    ...and also, who would be reading this....unless....

    "since they in the same way as these indulged in gross immorality and went after strange flesh, are exhibited as an example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire." Jude 1:7

    I dont understand!!

  62. lol...So some people like this tattoo...Some people dont. Each group of people are entitled to their own opinion, but I'm confused as to why most of the commenters on here are insulting eachother. To the grammar fanatics... We can all appreciate proper English, but there are better places for you guys to waste your energy trying to convince someone you actually know something. Granted, your corrections may have been accurate, but seriously...There's a time and place. A kind mention of the apostrophe's misuse would have been sufficient. Also, the girl is young...she's not fat...and she's not wrinkled. If this is what she wants on her body in this stage of her be it. Who cares if she's wrinkly later...or even larger.... Chances are no one will be looking at her then, she obviously wants to have fun with it now. Even if they are, it shows the personality she had and who she was. I have a flower vine tattood on me starting at my left hip bone traveling up my side to my left breast, around my rib cage to my back and up my left shoulder. I get comments on how sexy and beautiful it is all the time and I also get stares of disapproval. Do I care? NO...will I be sexy in 50 years? Most likely, NO...but I won't be dressing the way I do now in 50 years and it's a part of who I am and I will always remember the fun I had with it. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the tattoo pictured above...I like the verse a lot...I'm a little torn about the placement, but it definately does not deserve the ridicule and juvenile comments. It really is surprising how childish most people in this world are... I looked forward to the maturity of growing up, but there really is a lot of garbage to weed through to find someone who is tactful and not degrading of anyone who thinks or acts differently than themselves. It's no wonder the earth is on the verge of cleansing itself and starting over. lol

  63. holy cow, that was a long ass comment...I didn't realize lol.

  64. oh...and note there are two different amanda's commenting on with a lowercase A and one with an uppercase A... For all you grammar queens and kings out there 😉

  65. i absolutely love this. i think it looks awesome. i have been looking into getting a similar tattoo... not the whole verse, but some of it... and i think it looks great. awesome location too!!!

  66. Carolyn loves her tat and it means a lot to her. Thats all that matters.

    : )

  67. I love this!

  68. this is a siick tattoo looks great the way its positioned on the lower back, great chioce!!!!!!

  69. Would like to know what this will look like when she's about 75

  70. I get the meaning of the verse... and I also know the lower back is a popular spot for women to get their tattoos (I opt for less cliche positioning), but this particular setup makes the girl look bulbous, not curvy... bulbous. You kind of have to turn her about from side to side to read the whole thing.

  71. For the record, the "it's" is actually grammatically CORRECT.

    Look at it in context.
    "There is no limit to it's faith". Put it in context of the tattoo's subject, love. "There is no limit to love's faith."

  72. did any of u idiots stop and think that maybe it means something to her and she doesnt care what you think?

  73. I have this tattooed on my side

  74. dont like the tattoo but love the font...anyone know what it is?

  75. Good work by the artist. Poor placement by her. Upper back or rib piece for sure. Way too many words for that area.

  76. im just sayin my finger mustache tat is better than the crack of ur ass

  77. if its[sic] a fake, i guess it is funny.. if its[sic] for real, 'damn' ;]]

    some correction marker? :}

  78. the tattoo is cool.. but you shouldn't have but it as a tramp stamp..

  79. your tattoo is beautiful and i think it looks beautiful wear it is.

    dont regret this tattoo and dont let what people think make you regret it.

    like the people said above

    Word of God on the Work of God.

    its beautiful

    i have a koi on right shoulder blade and im trying to find something to go all the way down my back i might just get a verse as well 🙂

    amazing tat be happy with it

  80. I like it.. Maybe she got it there so when she wears tanks or something it wont show.

  81. I think its great, all those who are calling it a tramp stamp etc should grow up!! lol, hear it here first ladies, if you have a tat on ur back ur a slag! LOL! do what you like with ur body, no one elses business! and who ever picked up on the grammatical/punctuation mistake. get a life and/or a grip. do you seriously have nothing better to do? LOL!!!

  82. This is a nicee scripture, but a more appropriate place would have been niceee ! but oh well its your body, i have 3 hearts on my foot and im gettin another on my upper back under my shoulder, so i need not talk about approprietness, and I'm only 15 !

    hahaha !


  84. She could have just got "I'm a whore" and saved some money and we would have all still gotten it.

  85. I think the tatt looks great. Real unique. Good verse.

  86. welll i like da tat but ur butt does not need 2 be all up in da picture thatxz nasty .....y u want ppl lookin at ya crackk nasty

  87. Saw the demotivational pic to this awhile back... hillarious stuff.

  88. Ha something to read while doing the, ya know... XD

  89. Well, it either takes love or no shame at all to do you from behind with a verse like that right on one's face. Nice admission test xD

    P.S.: sorry, couldn't resist.

  90. thats SUCH a terrible tattoo. its a tramp stamp, thats also a two page long bible quote about love. lazer that shit.

  91. good people have tramp stamps too, everyone needs to stop being so judgemental. what i don't understand is, why would you get something from the bible AS a tramp stamp? dumb.

  92. did chris do that tattoo

  93. Wow there's so many mean and judgemental people out there.

    Whats the betting they're the ones with the heavy consciences, not the girls with body art...?

    And if she finds someone who loves her like that, he wont mind if its crinkly when she's 75... he's gonna be wrinkled too!

  94. Since everyone was discussing "its" versus "it's", and someone mentioned the usage of commas, periods, etc. that were used in this tattoo, I just thought I'd point out something I just noticed when checking what is printed in that tattoo. In the New International Version of the Holy Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:7, it states, "...always perseveres" in reference to "love". However, her tattoo states, "preserves". Oops???

  95. only other women would like this tattoo. most likely cuz they have similarly stupid tats themselves. the tattoo itself is great and looks awesome but the placing of it is just wow. obviously she isnt religious or she wouldnt have done this. which leads me to say leave the religious tattoos to the religious... now u just look like an idiot

  96. its not the verse that bothers most of these people, its where the verse is placed. i mean really? on ur ass? gtfo here lol. wow.

  97. Hey Melissa, check this out. I hope it clears some stuff up for you.

  98. me gustaron sus pompis las letras no

  99. can somebody please write down that same exact verse of the tattoo that she has, i can read most of it but there is a couple of parts that i could not fully see what the word was. Personally I think that it is an awesome tattoo. Highly interested in what the whole of it says.

  100. you act like you guys have never seen an ass crack before. get over it, it's a beautiful verse, one of my favorites. looks good girl.

  101. I like it alot. but its kinda hard to read

  102. Nothing wrong with the tattoo, with the chosen verse, nor the attitude. It's just a turn off! Who said someone will only see it if she gets a colonoscopy clearly dont use ITS imagination!!

  103. I love the verse, butt (pun intended) it doesn't belong here. The verse speaks of eternal love...which is purely emotional & not sexually oriented. It doesn't belong on someone's backside.

  104. My guess is she NEVER wants to do it doggy-style. Reading bible verse would make me shrivel in an instant

  105. The text is Love perseveres...not preserves... tsk tsk.. and it's there forever..!

  106. lol

  107. btw you posted that n my b day lol

  108. The possessive of it doesn't have an apostrophe. But she probably doesn't know that.

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