Waldo At The Beach

Crowded Haeundae Beach | Pusan, South Korea

Found via factum

7 Responses to "Waldo At The Beach"

  1. Hey! I wanted that spot. 🙁

  2. alright kids were sitting next to the blue and white unbrella

  3. OMG
    I found him! I found him!
    See the guy at the back?
    Yeah, that one!
    That's him
    Haha xxx

  4. Thats not him Seraphie....it's the one with the yellow tube!!!!

  5. What the hell is up with the color coded umbrella's?

  6. That's not him Dean... It's the one with the umbrella!!

  7. Sooo, I'm guessing they're protesting for a noble cause XD

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