Egg Roll

Egg Roll | Sausage Style

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  1. Im going to have to assume thats artificial. If not, im VERY confused how they made this.

  2. I'm guessing it's a cookie dough log.

  3. Looks like its just egg yokes and whites separated and made into a shape of a log. Gross.

  4. cookie dough log

  5. It is real, actually. They boil the eggs in moulds to get all regular-sized egg slices for pre-packed sandwiches. It is actually quite economical.

  6. Imagine if chickens laid thoes.

  7. well i think thats its just cookie dough. like how they do for like xmas.

  8. Well if it didn't say "boiled egg" on the bloody package...

  9. i think it is real, the yoke is a mixture of yoke and egg white, so on egg mixed up, and the white is just the white, with added other stuff. i saw someone make one on TV, and it was real

  10. Well, I don't know if its real and don't know why it would be gross (I mean, if you like eggs) would be surely economical, not to mention usable for sandwich/salad decorations. I truly wish it is real.

  11. It's real I too have been looking for this mold as I had one in the mid 70's and haven't seen in years. Perfect round eggs every time.

  12. They used these in the 1970's for school cafeterias in the New York area. They taste a bit plasticine if memory serves.

  13. This is very real, they use an extrusion machine which forces mostly cooked egg yolk through a tube and another tube full of mostly cooked egg white makes up the outer shell. The now partially cooked egg product is forced into a plastic tube that resembles a sausage casing and is then poached to complete the cooking process. If done correctly it should still taste like poached or boiled eggs.

  14. I saw several and they are real . Sissler use to buy them for the Salad Bar

  15. 100% real and have been served for 40 yrs. I buy them for Salad bars at my restaurants, it is just egg...nothing else. Taste 99.99% same as regular hb egg, the .01% difference is in texture but it is pretty minute difference. I do not use these at home but wouldn't have a problem if I like HB eggs a real lot, yes you can slice this length wise and make one long Deviled Egg log, I'v'e done it and people love them. The Asian market near me sells them also, but most are from restaurant wholesalers.

  16. That looks tasty and easy to cook. I'm gonna buy some... somewhere o.O

  17. This is just gross!!!

    I've seen a documentation (Food Ink.) where they explains that one burger has like over (several?) hundred different cows in it!
    and here, it's not that different.

    I don't need to explain this... or if, just watch the "movie".
    Other than that, I do it like this: If just one cow has any infections or illnesses/diseases, it's like everybody eats it (and no, it's NOT helping, that they just cooking it!)!

  18. does any one know where I can buy this.i live in sydney australia.
    need urgently...someone must know???

  19. What is wrong with you people?

    How is it gross?

    It's just egg, nothing else! Look up at Alex's explanation of how they are produced.

    Nothing but pure egg, separated, and cooked into that shape.

    If any egg is not gross to you, then this can't possibly be either.

  20. @Yuck.. my god some people are retarded!

  21. They can make square watermelons, why would this be impossible?

  22. Its real...I worked in a restaurant that used it
    for their salad bar. Most definitely hard
    boiled eggs not cookie dough.

  23. It's just eggs people, made to cut nice for salads. They had these at a restaurant I worked at in the late 70's. I thought the tube was metal. Eggs tasted absolutely just fine. I've wondered over the yrs where I can pick one up. Anyone know?

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