Deeper Than It Looked

Deep Puddle

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  1. Yep, that's Russia.

  2. That's Photoshop. Look at the cars: how could they be so clean and shiny if there is so much mud around? Then, the tyre marks on dirt don't match cars' trajectories. And the last: despite Russia having lots of mud in spring, people there are smart enough to not drive into a puddle where one car sunk already.

  3. Hey "Observer" Its called a Sinkhole... the mud on the car doesn't matter. The trajectories of the TIRE marks accualy do line up, and the cars were more than likely just parked there then sucked into the sinckhole... This is not Photo Shopped, the reality of it is sadly sinkholes have been Happening more and more now days, in fact this year alone we have had over 50 major sinkholes worldwide. They have taken more lives than any year on record. and this year is not even half way over.. scary huh

  4. Hey "JohnnyB", it's called PhotoShop. If you think that those shiny-clean cars could be parked there before that mud appeared, they would have been there for too long and would accumulate a layer of dust over the top instead. And no, that dust wouldn't be washed by rain, it's too sticky.
    I do agree that sinkholes exist and that they are dangerous. My comment was about this particular image, and I only commented bacuse I've been in places like this and saw how mud, cars and puddles look in such environment.

  5. It could be photoshop, but those cars in the water were in water somewhere. Those reflections in the water in front of the cars are real.

  6. hey lolo, you're an idiot. looking at the reflections in the water, reflections are easy to photoshop in to water. reversing the image and using the opaque tool.
    also, you all should have also noticed the shadows.. none of which match up in the same directions. the sun cannot be at two places in the sky at one. therefore, photoshop fail.

  7. wow smartass did you even look at the picture? every sunspot on the cars is in the same quadrant and every shadow is proportional and in the same direction. more like dumbass

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