Chickenpox Plushie

Chickenpox Stuffed Toy Plushie

Plushie by Giant Microbes

Found thanks to Shenandoah

Apple A Day Calendar

Premium STI

Chlamydia And Smirnoff Parody Art For STD Awareness Campaign

Concept Art for NHS

STD Awareness Campaign by Derek Bowers

Genetically Modify Veggies

Good Enough To Eat

Ella Bache Honey Skin

Skin That's Good Enough To Eat

Ella Bache Skin Care Print Ads

via adsoftheworld

Dentists Hand Drill

Antique Dentists Hand Drill

More Antique Dental Tools at OObject

Dermatographic Writing

Like A Glove

Right & Wrong Way

Side By Side

Wanna Hook Up? | Wicked Crabs

Found at grain-of-salt blog