Canned Brown Bread

6 Responses to "Canned Brown Bread"

  1. Yep, that pretty much looks like a BM to me.

  2. This is actually really tasty bread. It's been on the market since long before I was born -- and I'm 47. And it makes a delicious "nuclear fall-out bunker" treat.

    Actually, making bread in cans used to be very common. It's just that it's gone out of style.

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  4. Huh...I've seen the B&M brand beans at the grocery store but never the bread! I always thought having the letters B&M on a can of beans was funny...

  5. i am looking to locate a store near my residence that sells b&m brown bread in the can. i have been looking forever but can't locate a store


    let me google that for you...oh..5.00 a can.

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