Bowl of Puppies

Bowl of Boston Terrier Puppies

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  1. they look like Boston Terriers. so cute..

  2. You're right Tisha, Thanks! It's been fixed..

  3. Awwwww i want those puppies!!!!

  4. awwwww i want those puppies too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. awwww that is adorable!!! i want one so bad

  6. awwwwwww sooo cute i want one hehe 😀

  7. I have one of those dogs her name is Nikki and she is a sweetie

  8. That's SO cute! I'm going to add a link to this photo on my canine sites

  9. That is so cute. And I really want one of those dogs! ...................................peace and hugs Mollie.

  10. I use to have puppies like this....what a pleasure..what a photo. God bless....

  11. Look at presious little faces, I just love Bostons. I sure miss my Duchess, her beautiful Boston face. She was my love muffin, God rest her beautiful face. love you Duchess

  12. Oh. . . I can't stand it!!! Where can I get a photo of those little babies?

  13. Irresistible!!!

  14. awwwwh....they are so adorible i can just eat them up!

  15. I love how that one puppy has his paw in the other puppy's mouth. lol

  16. they are sooooooooooooooooo cute 🙂

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