Unnatural Disaster

Beer Delivery Accident

18 Responses to "Unnatural Disaster"

  1. This is a sad day indeed... Such wanton waste! OMG! 🙂

  2. OMG NO

  3. that truly is alcohol abuse!

  4. That made my eyes water

  5. Oh noooooooo! (Said in teeny, tiny, high-pitched Mr. Bill voice).

  6. Thanks God, I'm blind.

  7. I'm glad this made everyone else as sad as it made me... I thought for a minute I might have a drinking problem 😉

  8. the horror ... the horror!!

  9. WOW!

  10. Biggest ultimate party foul.

  11. id be pissed, then run around finding what bottles that arent broken

  12. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  13. Never mind the glass, get down on your hands and knees and start licking!!!

  14. Was he on crack or what?

  15. tell me its photoshp

  16. what are you all talking about, think about it, if you were there, FREE BEER BABY YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, i would fill up my hole car with beer, if there was someone in my car at the time i'd kick them out and put beer in their spot, seriously look how many beers are left un-borken in the cases,

  17. Wish it would happen more often. Drunk people are evil.
    Legalize pot!

  18. Ohh dude seriously. There are unbroken bottles inside. I want that unnatural disaster happenning everyday!!

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