Baby Sleeve Tattoo

Baby Tattoo

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  1. Is that Tommy Lee's baby?

  2. Wow, that's some serious ink. I'm jealous. πŸ˜›

  3. That looks pretty realistic... and awesome!

  4. I really, really hope that's henna.

  5. is that real? nice πŸ™‚

  6. People are dumb and don't read things, why can't people just read.

  7. WOW!!! I really hope this is one of those fake tattoos and not a real one. And if it is that babies parents need mental help right away!!!

  8. people are stupid?
    are u really asking if that tattoo is real
    so let me answer
    but the idea is awesome!!

  9. its cool but hope its not real

  10. it very well could be real. its a new thing that ppl are actualy doing. stupid? yes!

  11. WHO cares looks cool and kinda cute

  12. Tags: baby, funny, photo, Photoshopped, sleeves, tattoo

    Hmm, I wonder if this is real or not. I wonder. -_-

  13. If you all think this is real your stupid just so you no

  14. If that was real it would look like crap when the baby grew up!

  15. You area a very strange people!i'm from barcelona (spain) and i think that is stupid to said that it's beautiful, nice...oh my good!!!!!!!!! you are crazy! only is a baby!!!!!!!!!what's up with american people?? i can belive this!

  16. hahaha some poeple in this world are u realy think this is real coz if u do get a job in mac pic funny.....u know when some1 has a joke..hahaha yeah get it?

  17. haha good one

  18. omg u guys are dumb as hell its humor ... its not real omg

  19. HAHAH... of course is isn't real, morons. Either photoshop or fake-tattoo. Hope you people are joking, elsewise I pity you.

  20. that is so cute!! thats good though when i saw it i thought it was real!!

  21. u nuttas.... it isnt real daammm u guys. u guys all trippin yo. brush yo shoulders off an sort yo lives out fools....

  22. Wowww hello childrennnnnnnnnnnn

  23. wow

  24. tht some artistic ink likes! lol why wud u think that real? no1 wud tattoo a baby in first place!

  25. They have put the childs life into jeopardy. It is a senceless idea which spoils the future of the child.

  26. dude awsome baby im thankful those aint real
    but sweet :}

  27. wake up you people who think this is a real tatt now look there is no parent on this earth that would do that to a child for real not only would they not put there child through the pain of being tattooed but there is no way that you could get a kid to sit long enough to be tattooed even if you are the super nanny. sssoooo to those that think bad about this ones parents id be thinking bad about yourselves for being so bloody stupid and wake up to yourselves. there are real issues in the world that could use your attention do something productive and stop bugging people out for having a joke. now go and sit in the corner and have a good think of what you have written and then start writing these people an apology. sincerely Bobbie burjo from down under.

  28. it is a bit impossible to do this to a baby of that age. any needle to its skin it will rip the skin. it is not as thick as an adults so id say its fake
    but if some artist manaed a bady nearly fullbody tattoo congratulations

  29. bloooody hell all u ppl please sort ur heds out and wake up 2 da real world.....
    the baby is sooooo cute tho i just wanna squeeze him and no i dnt think its real cuz i got a son 7months old and it just wudnt happen 2 a baby so get real...
    chaw x x

  30. Thats Just Crazyy ; But Then Again Its Fakee . !
    H EL L O . W O R L D

  31. Ummm... I don't want to sound rude but what if the baby doesn't want a tattoo when he or she gets older, or doesn't like this one? And I thought it was illegal for anyone under 18 to get a tattoo.

  32. i'd jst like to say yes the tattoo is convincing but no i do not believe it is real. any person who thinks it is needs to wake up, and understand this : no parent would do such a thing. so i wish ppl would stop saying its real not every person walking this planet is that evil.

  33. Hahahahahahah...........Yall are freakin stupid (well at least the one's who are freaking out). No it's not real , obviously....if you think it is , I think you're the ones who might be sick in the head. I mean think about it people...first of all , would ANY tattoo artist agree to tattoo an infant - I think not. And lets just say the parents did find some sick "F" with out a real license who agreed to do think they would post it on the INTERNET.
    My god , the blatent ignorance of our society today makes me want to vomit sometimes. Shhhhheeeesshhh

    P.S. I like the picture , I think it's very artsy

  34. P.S. It doesn't even look like real ink , take a closer look before you fly off the handle , it looks like NEWSPRINT.

    p.s.s. I could do that with a program as simple as gimp..anyone could with a little work.

    Dumb asses...

  35. lol - i cant even get my youngsters to sit stil for a hair cut - no way could any one ever many to do that even if their was someone messed up enough to do it. doubt you could even get the press on types on to a baby that young - my two year old wants them on - the press on with water types - but cant stay still enough for that.

    what jokers, looks cool though - looking to be inspired. sam

  36. I'm the guy who actually did the tattoo, and its not a real baby! His name is Miguel and he is a professional baby impersonator, he is a 35 year old, born with achondroplasia dwarfism. He has appeared in several films as a stunt double for child actors.

    Do you seriously think anyone would tattoo a baby?

  37. ha ha ha good one JAKES, now you are gonna have this stupid f# spread the word on a 35 rear old baby actor!!! ha ha ha

  38. nice tattoo

  39. haha you guys do realise that is drawn on 😎

  40. god im geting that wow

  41. This picture is disgusting. I am praying its not real. If it is then the stupid selfish parents of this child need locking up! Poor baby! If they hae really done this to the baby then they dont deserve to be parents of any children!

  42. troppo gnocco!!!bimbo 6 fighissimoooooooo!!!!! beato te!!!!

  43. Read the writing it clearly says photoshopped.

  44. Good For A Laugh

  45. that is an awesome pic. its pure brilliance whoever thought it up - i love sleeves πŸ™‚

    People take a chill pill - of course its not real!!!

  46. wow! i belive that is really cool, i hope that tatto isn't real cuz he's only a baby

  47. i highly doubt an artist would do a tattoo, especially one so elaborate, on that young a child. it would just get more and more horrible looking with age. I also believe it would be highly unlikely that it would look so clean and perfect. that baby would be squirming all over the place.

  48. Lol..professional baby impersonator?? Now that's funny!!!

  49. Wow now I cant wait to start makin babies, it looks awsome. Realy good ink thou I would suspekt that itΒ΄s henna.

  50. FIRST: Learn to use proper grammar people..
    Second: Learn to spell... Your educations on here are comparison to a 3rd grade student.. I would be ashamed

  51. so cute...

  52. this is the worst thing that u could ever do to a baby no matter wat culture ur form....u guys r sick horible people!!!!!!!have u ever heard of abuse??????well thats wat that is u stupid people!!!!!!!!


    p.s.if u guys have a problem with wat i say get over it i dont care because u guys r loosers no matter wat anyone says

  53. This pic is NICE....absolutely love the thought but come on.....we all know it aint real....this poor little thing could't possibly take all the pain.......PRETTY HAWT THO

  54. How punk ass would that kid be when he went to school... LoL... Good photoshop

  55. All those that say its child abuse your a joke, this is airbrushed as you can tell by the colour and pattern... and in my culture tattoos are a part of life, l hade my 1st Ta Moko done when l was 16 (now 21)!
    So don'tsay my culture is abuse!!!

  56. Tattoos Are Beautiful


    Thou This Is Fake ,

    I'm E X T R E M E L Y Jealous Of The Lil Guy .

    His Shxxt Looks Better Than Mine . *

  57. As a tattoo artist I can let you people who are freaking out over this picture know that there is no way the tattoo is real. A child's skin is too thin and delicate to handle the beating a tattoo needle gives the body. I do like the piece though, props to the artist.

  58. That's Sick!!! hahaha i love it !

  59. you know its not real but some people actually do tatoo their kids as a tribal thing....ya its retarded as hell but its their culture and it is none of anybodys buisness

  60. i think thats would be a form of child abuse i is not cool pr preety it is stupid poeple who think that is cool dont have the scence to be real parents

  61. OMG, the Internet Police jump out in wagon fulls. Why is this sick? It is simply artistic photo manipulation. At worse someone drew on the child with a marker. Neither of which is child abuse.

    You people need to get a life and stop lurking the Internet for a cause to fight. Because you aren't going to get 1 minute of fame being the Internet Police on a stupid website, let along 15 minutes of fame.

    If you don't like it, move on. Simple. The world is too full of politically correct psychopaths who are way too sensitive and spend way to much time crying about stuff they don't like. That is why WE as Americans are the laughing stock of the planet. We have gone through some serious "pussification" as population.

    Find a real cause to spend your time and energy on rather than being the ethics police on the internet. Go feed a homeless person, go adopt or foster a child who has REALLY been abused, go visit a nursing home and take treats to strangers who have no one to visit them, help a drug addict get something worth while. Stop wasting your time on stupid shit and crying about stuff that "offends" you. Grow a spine, get over it and make a difference in the world.

    For the record I foster children. I have anywhere between 1 and 3, plus my own children at any given time. It's very rewarding to take a child from a bad situation and show them what being a family is REALLY about. I thought I would add that before you loser ethics police decided to flame me. I AM making a difference. What have YOU done?

  62. Not to mention, if you are going to play police, learn to freaking spell. . .

    penny and others. . . .

    Jer, I will use proper grammar if you promise to use proper sentence structure and punctuation. Deal?

    Jakes: Baby impersonator? That was classic! I got a good chuckle from that one! I wonder how many people hit google after reading that?! *thumbs up*

  63. To all those idiots who thinkk this is a real tattoo, check out the title. "Baby Sleeve Tattoo" mean anything to you? Maybe that it's a sleeve with a tattoo on it and not a real tattoo? Learn to read.

    Other than that its a great photo, very cute baby πŸ˜›

  64. Just so you know, to get a tattoo done legally you have to be sixteen with a parents consent. Eighteen without.
    Silly humans and your jokes = ]

  65. I don't understand why people keep posting dumb things about it being's clearly not. Are they joking, or just really, really dumb? I don't get
    Awesome picture though. CUTE kid. <3

  66. Oh, Tabby. A "sleeve tattoo" is just a tattoo on ones arm. Obvi.
    If I was going to point out why it was fake (other than the obvious) I would have to say it's "Photoshop" in the tags. Just saying...

  67. heh, thats pretty friggin awesome

  68. 35 year old profession baby impersonator

    out of all the things i read on this thats the most funny thing yet!!!

    why would you even think this was real

    but it look sick and if you can get the prints in store i would buy it just 4 the fun

  69. this freaks me out man....i would never let my baby have a tattoo like that in his life...well yeah i dont like it so i know its real but it looks fake to me....bye.. πŸ™‚

  70. notice the color of the ink.. it's faded that means the baby must had have the tat for about 2 years..hmmmmm..maybe he got it in the is NOT real

  71. Does that tag really say Photoshopped?

    These things are what make me feel more intelligent. Oh no, THANK YOU internet!


  73. OMFG this is what makes americans look so stupid! AS IF IT IS REAL YOU IDIOTS!!!!

  74. also good job ERIC i think fostering is great!

  75. Omgsh reading you people's comment was fun!!!
    Can believe that there are some people that actually think this is real!!!
    No parent will do such thing to their child!!!
    he looks so cute and as a person that loves art so much that was awsome...
    Oh and to Eric omgsh is people you that make the world a better place....
    Keep on doing what you do and god bless...
    Oh to the person that said something about culture, dont bring culture in to this!!!
    I was 8 years old when I had to get a traditional samoan lady tattoo(21 years now)...culture is apart life!!!its not abuse it just the way it is....

  76. honestly i think it looks bangin

  77. Idiots. It's called photoshop.

  78. relax, people...
    i love it...

  79. awh thats adorable

  80. Adorable baby. Great Photoshop work. I wonder who did this?

  81. Dat is hard..if dats real den hell i want a tattoo 4 my baby....!! πŸ™‚

  82. It clearly says it was photoshopped...why would you think it was real?

  83. its fake but cool pic

  84. this is awesome

  85. How can some people seriously think that's real? Especially since the tag says "photoshopped"

    Damn cool picture though!

  86. that looks so real. thats pretty sweett


  88. oh my lord have mercy! i hope its not real..

  89. *Cough*
    People, it's photoshopped
    It clearly says so under the pic
    Please learn how to read

  90. sensible brit: You should stop with the America-bashing. Really. I've been busting your types all over this blog for not even being able to spell the most simple words.

  91. CAN NO ONE READ THAT IT CLEARLY SAYS PHOTOSHOPPED UNDER THE PICK!? Geeze people. Before you start screaming child abuse join the fun little group i call the L.A.O. (literacy and observation.)

  92. Even without the 'photoshopped' tag, all a person has to do is think for a minute to know that it isn't real. Its an unfortunate fact that babies, among others, are victimized by cruel and sick people. However, if the picture was real, I doubt very seriously that the perpetrator would post it on the Internet, because by doing so, he/she would stand a very good chance of getting caught. From that aspect, if it was real, then posting it on the web would be a good thing, because somebody would report it, and the person who did it would be caught. Just be carrying a tattooed infant into the store or to the pediatrician would be a ticket to jail. Nobody in their right mind is going to tattoo a baby.

  93. Uh oh. My mind just flashed to the common practice of circumcising infants. Not to change the subject or to seem off-topic...

  94. I wouldnt think those are real, but any parent that would do this can dope the baby to sleep and do it. I wouldnt put it past SOME of the ppl in this world. Like the ones that get on the news everyday for far worse things than this. I am a tattoo artists and would never think of doing this to my child. Im all inked up and still made my 16 year old wait till 18. But this pic will look good hanging in my shop........ITA2U

  95. And whoever heard of a , sensible Brit.
    Some Americans might be stupid, but
    we still kicked ya'lls tail........

  96. ERIC, you rock........
    I hope the next person that runs for prez.. knows you...
    Keep up the good work man and reading your article makes me proud to know that america still has a chance.....

  97. LOLUMAD.

    You guys are stupid and hilarious. This is probably why I watch trash tv on VH1 and enjoy youtube videos of people getting hit in the nuts. To think, people in this day and age don't know the term "photoshopped".


  98. OMG... Yes this would be a horrible disgusting thing if it were real, i do agree. But to those that are saying "C'mon who would tattoo a baby, what parents would make their children go through the pain of a tat, dumbasses what person would actually force a child to go through that.... etc" UM wake up call, watch the news!!! Houston had a broadcast on just about 3 months ago where a father made his own 5 yr. old (i believe may have been 7yr old) sit through a tat!!! So it does happen there are MANY demented parents in this country!!!

  99. You yanks are 110% morons, learn to read, the category is "photoshopped", erm the clue is in the name. As for tattoos on children, various tribes including moari's have done this for centuries, so why berate something from a persons culture, when you know naff all about them.

  100. Seriously, people really need to learn how to read!!! this picture is very very cute (when you think logically you know that nobody could do that to a beautifull young human being) I really love this comment :

    carmebarcelona Said :
    You area a very strange people!i'm from barcelona (spain) and i think that is stupid to said that it's beautiful, nice...oh my good!!!!!!!!! you are crazy! only is a baby!!!!!!!!!what's up with american people?? i can belive this!

    Thank god I am canadian πŸ˜‰

    Nice work with photoshop! well done!!

  101. Tags: baby, funny, photo, Photoshopped, sleeves, tattoo
    READ PPL!!

  102. It is not REAL!!! You cannot tattoo anybody under the AGE OF 18 and who is DRUNK!!
    This looks like a Henna and it is a very cool thing to do FOR ART!!

  103. I Just have to say this is an awesome piece of in the whole photoshopped picture. It's artistic that's it end of story.

    There are so many if, buts and why's but none are worth getting into being that the tag itself says photoshopped. Yes there are sick ppl out there, yes it is probably possible to have a parent wanting and an artisit willing to do it, yes you could dope the child out but as several tattoo artists on here have stated the baby's skin would be too fragile and you wouldn't have the beautiful delicate artwork you have in this picture.

    Everyone just chill out and enjoy the picture for the artwork that it is. xoxo

  104. Just have to say the stupidest comment out of all the above is this one

    ryan d hunt Said :
    Dat is hard..if dats real den hell i want a tattoo 4 my baby....!!

  105. if you type photoshop tattoo into your search engine it will bring up
    a shit load of tutts on how to put tattoos onto photos

    dum assess

  106. I knew the guy who tattooed its 4 year-old son! It was horrible!Poor child.

  107. UGLY! I love tattoo but on a baby's arm eurk! it's violent!

  108. LMFAO @ Tommy Lee's Baby!!!

  109. This is hilarious! What I find even more hilarious than the actual photo is the fact that there are far more stupid people using the internet than I could have ever imagined. Obviously this is a product of photoshop or lick 'em stick 'em!

  110. i like the tattoo but not on a baby

  111. Seriously people if you think it is real than your dumber than you think especially ICE I think your jealous its not your baby or body BRO I think its very beautiful ( tino aatuahua) and I wished it was my baby I think the parents should enter this pic into baby competitions Ill tell you wot you get my vote hands down for cutest. Show us some more PLEASE!!!!

  112. PEOPLE READ THE HEADLINE: Baby Sleeve Tattoo....
    It's not real. It's just a sleeve. Still don't know what that's a thin flesh colored shirt for someone not sure about getting a tat. From a distance it looks real. GOOGLE can buy one online.

  113. And NO it's not henna.

  114. why has this caused an arguement? just shows how silly humans are.


  116. ANYWAYS

  117. shows vulnerability. I think its great.

  118. for the people that keep saying it's Americans who thought it was real, read. Ms. Barcelona (yes, as in Spain) thought it was real.
    There are no shortage of idiots anywhere in the world.
    It's PhotoShop!!




  122. thts child abuse lol NOT

  123. for all the people that said "its obvuosly not real cant you read and all the rest of it" its not obvuos at all have you not noticed all the sick people in the world who would actually do something like this if parents can actually beat their children to death then wot would stop some sicko doing this and this is not funny at all its not art or cool if u ask me its pretty shit and is very affending some sicko could see this and think yeah why not i'll actually try it there have been several comments saying this is cool if i had a kid i would so do this well your are sick you dont deserve kids its just not funny

  124. oh and also i think piercing babies ears is completely wrong babies are humans not objects their not there 2 dress up in brand name clothes and put piercings in they are there to be loved it dont matter what a baby wears or looks like babies are so beautiful naturally and dont need studs in their ears to make them beautiful and why should we put them through the pain of having a needle in their ears and theres also risk of infection people need to get their priorities right

  125. wow thats a rather cool picture (:
    but god i am surprised at how many twats have asked if it is really, well obviously not. jeeez. stupid much. its just a joke, not a real tattoo, its illegal to give babies real tattoos anyways, so decent professional tattoo artists wouldnt be allowed to do it.
    its wrong to give a baby a real tattoo, so if you said you would actually do that, sort yourself out.

  126. Never mind the amazing baby fake tatt. Checkout the spelling errors on this site!

  127. wow, whoever ice is, is prolly the dumbest person everrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! whoever it is really thinks thats real, he/she got problems and really needs to stay in their room for the rest of their lives.. retard

  128. "ANNA Said :
    PEOPLE READ THE HEADLINE: Baby Sleeve Tattoo....
    It's not real. It's just a sleeve. Still don't know what that's a thin flesh colored shirt for someone not sure about getting a tat. From a distance it looks real. GOOGLE can buy one online."

    hahaha anna thats not what the title means by "sleeve", or even what a sleeve actually is for that matter...

    a sleeve is either one/several large tattoos, or a collection of smaller tattoos, usually themed in similar manner, that covers most, or all of a person's arm, usually from shoulder to wrist...

    for crying out loud people... my own generation, absolutely disgusts me... guaranteed, regardless of what race or nationality you look at, there is a wide range of different intellectual levels.... So why single people out??? Im neither american, spanish, canadian, or any other nationality that has been bagged out by anyone pathetic enough to do so, in this post... but you dont see me being a lowlife and bagging anyone out because of their nationality!!!

    Im actually surprised so many people thought this was real.... and yeh, it makes me laugh that despite how many comments about it not being real there are, that people continue to say "omg this is abuse" blah blah blah...

    Despite the fact some people surprise me with, not how stupid they are, but how much common sense they lack, I'm not going to sit here and say they're dumb....

    Im a 21 yr old female, have 1/3 of my body tattooed, and think this picture actually looks extremely adorable... again, because its not real.... lol.


    P.S. (lol i have to do this.... because for some reason, "Rach" has actually annoyed the hell out of me, for thinking she "knows best"...)

    So "Rach"... Shut up... its harmless fun... get over yourself...

  129. can people just READ, would it KILL ya just to read that ITS PHOTOSHOPPED, but kewl ink

  130. ermmm well who ever ash is just a little comment for you ... THAT IS THE BIGGEST LOAD OF SHIT I HAVE EVER HEARD why are you rambling on about nationality we dont care reading your comment has actually been a complete waste of my life and it actually looks like you think you know it all but you dont showing off with your "knowledge" of what a sleeve is sooo ermmm shut up

  131. great photoshop work. It looks real!!!

  132. Ok, guys look. That is my son Micheal and frankly I don't appreciate you raging on my parenting skills. I am a tattoo apprentice and if when he grows up he wants it removed. I will then support him in that choice and even pay for it. However I was in need of practice skin and I think it looks beautiful on him.

    notice also the ink on his belly and leg. His whole back is actually covered. I think I did a good job.

  133. ye this looks legit.

  134. im australian btw

  135. Oh my God! This is absolutly awful!! I really dont think that it could be any parents in the world that could possible do that! and if it is for real they should go to jail for the rest of their lifes!!!

  136. oh I forgot IΒ΄m argentinian πŸ™‚

  137. and I know this is fake anyway, I havenΒ΄t read all :p now I do ajajaja!

  138. I think its funny how someone will leave a 4 paragraph post about how stupid other people are! WHO CARES IF SOME ONE THOUGHT IT WAS REAL, FUNNY OR COOL!!!!!! wtf!?!?

  139. PURE-
    Your funny man~!

  140. Okay, so there's this tattoo shop in Portland, Maine and they are advertising this new thing called "Tat's for Tot's".
    It is insane, I went in there to get one of mine recolored and saw a father and his 6 month old baby each getting a tattoo of a star and a moon. I couldn't believe it. and to my surprise the baby didn't react all that bad to the pain I think they did give her something though haha. Anyways just thought I'd let scardoz know, people DO get tattoo's for they're baby's.

  141. Okay,if it's "just" the tattoo sleeve why is it on the babies leg and chest as well? Look carelfully.Either way I know a parent in the U.S. would not be allowed to do a real tattoo to they're baby but they have the kind they can have a professional draw on with ink while the baby is sleep of course.I just can not remember what it is called.I think it's awesome and would have all 5 of my grandson done up like that and they are from 1 year old to 7 years old,they would love it and so would they're Dad's

  142. this is cool for a photoshop πŸ˜›

  143. wow.. it even says humour in the caption/subject and you're all still going on about is it real.. laws and all that crap.. what a bunch of morons.

  144. In defense of all the people that said "i hope it's not real"...just because the tags say 'humor' and 'photo shopped' doesn't mean that's true. but the same goes for the pic...just because it looks real doesn't mean that it is.

    -assuming that it is photo-shopped props to the artist! it looks so real!!!

  145. OK, everyone who thinks its real, its not. Everyone who knows its fake, get over it, you're over reacting when most of you cant spell for shit. Can we please shut up about the authenticity of the picture and talk about how well its made, how much thought went into it, what kind of person the baby belonged to... THE ART!!!

  146. that is so sweet

  147. it might be real you dont know, people are pretty dumb these days πŸ™‚ but it looks pretty cool

  148. chill out
    not everyone has the time to sit and read the tags
    some people have lives

    so i guess all you that are having little shit-fits that people think its real are the true duesh bags eh?

  149. whether the fake tattoo or not all the same, the parents or the Jenig who made the photos into the internet are just plain sick in the head

  150. the tattoo is real
    the baby is fake

  151. I would like to know where to get a shirt like that

  152. yeah i think its really cool ind oh my godness for the first moment i thought it was real...than i read and than i laughed cause its pretty cool πŸ˜€
    I'd like to have that baby if it WOULD be real πŸ˜€

  153. Eric, Shut up. You're telling people not to rant when you're rambling on useless facts about your life. I don't think anyone cares dude.

    Ice, This is not real so please stop calling people losers. Only losers don't read an article before they comment on it

    To everyone else, this really isn't real. πŸ™‚ You need to read the title of the picture Baby Sleeve Tattoo and if you look beneath it it has photoshop in the tags. It's a photoshopped sleeve tattoo, it's not a real one.

  154. hello..... im nathalie.... i live in new- liskeard ont.... i think some ppl
    should not get there kids tattos until they are about 18years old or older not on baby like come on ppl thanxs

  155. hahahahaha you people are so dumb haha I am going to be laughing at you idiots for the rest of the afternoon. Especially the dumb asses who had an upset rant. The people who shouldn't be reproducing are you twits!! Clearly the world is full of enough idiots and there should be an IQ threshold in place in order to spawn offspring!

  156. dis is stupid

  157. this is the generation styles

  158. hahaha...crazy ya...but its funny

  159. its awesome

  160. Hello im Argentina girl youz people are sooo crazy I luff American people they rrrrrrock (rolling tongue)my life jajajaja!!!They are the most intelligent peeps on this planet right ryan d hunt all I knows is that after seeing dis pic I decided to get my baby a tattoo too... What should my baby get a tramp stamp of a butterfry or barbed wire tribal tatt "What to do" soooo confusing prease help post post quickly!!!Si ya por favor HELP!!!

  161. obviously this isnt real, but cant believe people actually think it looks good and cute, its stupid even if its a sleeve tattoo why would u want your baby to look like that, i feel so sorry for some children having parents like these!! its pathetic really

  162. That's awesome.. Nice photoshop work.. I wonder how much it would distort as he grew older.

  163. Nice photoshop work

  164. i wanna party with this kid

  165. I thought this was so good, I had my baby tattood jus like it.... omg what have I done!!! lolz as if, only writting on here to say, yea we know its fake, but some of u take it too far.. calling ppl morons etc.. then saying how u think its photoshop or summet... says at the top its a baby sleeve duhhhhhh keep writting the randomz :p

  166. my baby wants one too!!!!hehehehehe

  167. I will give my baby a tatoo when I have one. XD

  168. first thing i want to say is that the artwork on this picture is beautiful and second a baby would not be able to handle the pain of a tattoo i know i have tatt's the people on here amaze me by thier stupidity if you can read well enough type on the internet then you should be able to read that it says 'photoshopped' quit crying over non-sensical things like this and actually try to make the world a better place by getting out there and doing something instead of bitching on the internet at pictures people post for fun go volunteer at a homeless center adopt a child or be a foster parent help get drugs off the streets do something other than whine ive done over 40 hours of volunteer work at hospitals ive donated gifts and food to family's and hospital patients ive helped the homeless and i intend to adopt i want to join the peace corps i plan to do as much as i can for my planet i dont plan to just sit around and bitch oh and sensible brit? dont condem an entire country because of a small amount of stupid people i know a large amount of intelligent caring people in america and i live in a small town more than 80% of the people in this country are disgusted with all of the injustices its country has commited and they are actually DOING SOMETHING haven't you ever heard of occupy wall street? get off your pathetic british ass and quit being such a bitch its people like you that make me feel sorry for how pathetic this world has become and to who ever did this tatt' nice work if i wouldnt lose my job by getting a sleeve i would totally do it πŸ™‚

  169. This is absolutely precious.
    Good idea.(;
    Really though. It's amazing how realistic it looks! πŸ˜€

  170. WTF...!

  171. like who did this to a baby wake up this is real omggggggggggggggggggggg i feel sorry for who ever did that poor baby.............................

  172. its obv its not real but do hope they not put henna on the baby its just as bad..not good for the baby at all..

  173. its so sad. what if he dont like tatoos when he is grown

  174. wow people are super stuped y would u let some1 give a baby a tattos you should only let the baby a tattoe whin it is an adult like me and i am only 14 and thinking of gitting a tattoe

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  176. I pray to god this photo manipulation!!!!! If this is actually real, this is the same as smoking around your kid! Can't protect itself and run the other way!

    As far as I'm concerned, you may as well have a 4ft snake in the house, and that is dangerous as hell! ANYONE who says [oh this snake is sweet and calm] is full of shit!
    They change their mood faster than a woman does!

    If this is real, the parents should be jailed!

    [praying for photo fake]

  177. For the baby I really hope this is a henna tattoo... Looks cool anyway πŸ™‚

  178. All you who believe this is real ,Your the ones who need mental help!
    secondly who are you ? to say, that it is bad or good?
    for so called americans? your very cultured!!
    it is quite at the norms for some culture to do similar art to their kids or tribe. your americans? i think not! i am ashamed to be an american I had to leave! i now live in mainland china and as many are quite naive!.this would be understood.But for americans? this is just embarrassing!.

    I hate suburban people , your useless and simple minded.

  179. seriously? it's bad enough that adults cover themselves in tattoos, but that just plain Baal worship right there!

  180. The question i5, iS "IT" real, the tat gre@e neat work .')

  181. hoaxville! but folks will believe anything.

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