Doctors Prefer Camels

More Doctors Smoke Camels | Vintage Cigarette Print Ad

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  1. I was a smoker for 20 years, it has seriously effected my health, I couldnt run at all, I struggled to walk up the stairs. I decided I had to give up, at the age of 36 I felt like I was an old man and ready for the scrapyard. I tried various ways to give up and really struggled. Then I actually tried self hypnosis and that actually did the trick for me. Yes I out on a few pounds in weight for a couple of months, but I soon stopped the over eating and things went back to normal. Its taken me over a year now but I do feel so much better, I can actually jog up the stairs and my kids are so pleased to see me being active.

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  3. It's very difficult to stop smoking. I'm searching for some ideas.

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