Boston Ivy Shower

Boston Ivy Falling Out Of A Box

‘Where The Red Fern Flows’ by Aakash Nihalani

via Unurth

Mop Head

Marlboro Monument

Relic Cigarette Monument

‘Relics’ by Slinkachu

Stacked Chairs

Tangled Stack of Chairs

Entanglement of Chairs by James Nizam

Peeps Diorama

Super Peepio Brothers

‘Super Peepio Brothers’ by Mark Rivetti

More at The Washington Post

SeeSaw Bike

SeeSaw Bicycle Design

Bike Design by Elad Barouch

Still A Secret

The Secret To Happiness

Poster Project by Egor Bashakov

Around Town

Billboard Street Art

Street Installations by Mark Jenkins

Milked Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle Art Installation

Art Installation by Ivan Puig

Canoe Couch