The Art of Gravity

Bucket of Paint with Helium Balloons

‘They Float’ by Stephen Clements

Urban Installations

No Entry Sign Installation

Street Art Installation by Mark Jenkins

Comb Bike Rack

Comb Bike Rack

Designed by KnowHow Shop LA

Mirror Wheels

Bicycle Mirror Wheels

Art Installation by Olafur Eliasson

Photo c/o Chris Bell | Found via Tai-Wiki-Widbee

Uprooted Oak Tree

Uprooted Balloon Tree

Art Installation by Myeongbeom Kim

It's A Trap

Girly Bike

Girly Bike

Sculpture by Mark Jenkins

Pallet House

Stacked Pallets House

Pallet Pavilion by Matthias Loebermann

c/o Mila Hacke via BLDGBLOG

Coat Check Chair

Coat Check Hanger Chair

Coat Check Chair by Joey Zeledón

Found at Incredible Things

Water Level

Water In Bottles On Tilted Shelf

‘On the Shelf’ by Michael Craig-Martin