Crystal Clear Sound

See Through Glass Piano

Found at Toxel

5 Responses to "Crystal Clear Sound"

  1. The reception for the emmys this year had a plexi grand, a spinning stage, and a whole lot of disco balls. They went together well.


  3. Tacky.

  4. Saw one on the movie The Green Hornet. I fell in love. Gotta find out how much these go for. <3

  5. I have a Kawai upright acoustic piano. I want this one, TOO!

    BTW, the word 'tacky' is on the same bus as 'weird', 'gross', 'bad', 'good', etc. Those are limits that you set yourself in your head, or you allowed someone else to place in there for you. Those particular limits are not in MY head - if you know what I mean. (I don't want them in my head, either. What a way to constrict your life!)

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