Red Bull Sculptures

7 Responses to "Red Bull Sculptures"

  1. Very creative!

  2. great, I'm going to have nightmares about redbull tonight. thanks!

  3. Sometimes I wonder what goes through peoples minds to come up with the things they do!!!


  4. Very interesting stuff.

  5. Ohhhh. So THAT is what Red Bull is made from.

  6. Red Bull is being ivestigated for fraud. They ripped off 100’s of investors for over 20 million dollars. Just wanted you all to know how F**ked up this Austrian company really is.

    go to ( put red bull in the search field and see the truth

  7. why some people call every piece of sh*t an "art"? -I don't know. this "art" is really shitty.. a Monkey can do a better job. Really!

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