Steamer Sphere

Sphere of Vegetable Steamers Public Sculpture Installation In Brisbane, Australia

Sculpture by Donna Marcus

Found at Contemporist

Circle Spring Chopsticks

Sterling Silver Saftey Pin Spring Style Chopsticks

Safety Pin Chopsticks

Chopstick Design by KAYIWA

Geometric Gate

Dog Nose Pendant

Dog Nose Imprint Pendant

Dog Nose Imprint Necklace by Rock My World Inc

Found via Joanne Casey

Shark Gauntlet

Shark Gauntlet

Found at Sad And Useless

Thanks to J Allen

Robot Rhino

Robot Rhinoceros Sculpture

Sculpture by Pierre Matter

Chicken Wire MJ

Michael Jackson Sculpture

Wire Sculpture by Ivan Lovatt

Cat Armor

Robot Dog

Found Object Dog Sculpture

Sculpture by Will Wagenaar

Battle Trike

Stainless Knife Tricycle Sculpture

Tricycle Sculpture by Shi Jinsong