Manson Mickey

Marilyn Manson Mickey Mouse Ablum Art for The Golden Age

Marilyn Manson : The Golden Age Cover Art

Collaboration with Gottfried Helnwein

15 Responses to "Manson Mickey"

  1. Am not a fan of Manson or Mickey but this ones kinda scary ...

  2. can you buy this picture anywhere?

  3. omg ii love this picutre iits amazing!

  4. don't let the kiddies see this one.

  5. I love Marilym Manson and Mickey Mouse!!!!!!! Where can you buy these pictures?

  6. ARGH!! I just got nightmares!

  7. is this supposed to be an evil mickey mouse? weird

  8. Marilyn Manson is a fag.. And not scary at all, anyone could beat his ass..

  9. Jazmin if you dont like MM why even bohter to comment??...

  10. Im sure the man in a Mickey Mouse hat and makeup is very concerned about looking tough.

  11. All i know is that i wouldent want to run into him in the dark

  12. Jazmin, all performers wear make up. Marilyn Manson is a very talented, and well respected artist.

  13. if you dont like it gtfo there are people who respect him for the music he has made you couldnt become anywhere near as famous as he is this picture is named after him people love manson give us a break jazmin and every other hater who doesnt understand metal

  14. where can i but that! any price, or just the hat plz. want to be that for halloween!

  15. jazmine , your a confused ↑ person that doesnt live in the real world, join him, or else.☺

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