Inverted House

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  1. I'll have to check that out next time I'm in Houston!

  2. unfortunately they had to demo that building. there is a new bldg for the coffee house, called "inversion" and on the glass wall they have placed a pic of the original structure, it was sad, but necessary to growth. check out our art gallery or the coffee house tho! best espresso drinks in town!

  3. Once you go in, you never come back. =D

  4. Cortney, inversion has horrible coffee. It is far worst than starbucks corperate coffee! thanks but no thanks for you horrible advice i would rather have coals filtered in solied panties than your xpresso.

  5. Shea: That's pretty funny.

  6. said the lesbian "pantie sniffer'

  7. My art teacher made that.

  8. well, my art teachers friend, but he doesnt live in houston or whatever city that is

  9. divided by 0

  10. yea that is

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