Dermatographic Writing

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  1. Hey, I'm allergic to that....go ahead and write all over me with it.

  2. W T F ???????

  3. For those days when you just need to read your own legs? Get a Kindle already!!

  4. read about this woman, she has a skin condition that makes her skin raise up at the slightest pressure, she takes a dull knitting needle and writes or draws on herself and takes pictures

  5. This happens to me too - not to such a great extent. It's kinda like hives but in shapes.

  6. Looks pretty cool, but it looks like it's uncomfortable.

  7. Creepy and beautiful, i wonder how long it lasts and what i would write on myself every morning if I had that condition

  8. I'm glad to know that my first thought (that it was a LOT of scarification) was wrong!

  9. Dermographism is pretty easily treated with antihistamines...That's how we deal with it in my family.

  10. i have this skin condition too.. it lasts for 20 minutes or so..and it gets itchy after u write on ur skin..then the skin will raise and it well get red..then itl be gone after minutes...

  11. i have dermatographia too! ๐Ÿ˜€ i do this all of the time in school and scare people, it's doesn't hurt but it does feel hot/itchy and will go red and only about 5% of the worlds population have this

  12. I thought this may have been some kind of tattoo type art. Unfortunately not. Darn. Is there any way you can do this without having this disorder, or would it come out looking different and more so scarred and not so smooth?

  13. This is really cool, I've never heard of such condition.

    My room mate has Welting Skin (don't know the term for it) if she gets a burn or a tattoo it will welt the way Dermatographia does but stays that way.

  14. I've had bouts of dermatographia too, though I have absolutely no idea what brings it on.

    What sucks about it is that it itches like crazy, but scratching it only makes it worse...but if you're on a steady diet of prednisone, it doesn't itch at all.

  15. ...............................weirdo

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