Giant Basket Building

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  1. Is that thing for real?!

  2. I've wondered since I first read about this building what the company would do if it ever had to be sold. Who else would want to occupy a building that specific?

  3. I pray that it is photoshop, because if resources were really put towards a monstrous basket building, there is no hope.

  4. The Longabarger company MAKES these baskets. They sell them for a pretty penny. I had a supervisor who sold them a few years ago. Very nice baskets, but too rich for MY blood. The building is so unique that I saw it, over my wifes shoulder, with NO CONTEXT and said to her, "That's the Longabarger basket company." When a building speaks that loudly, it has accomplished all it was intended to do.

  5. Sooo...I'm guessing that this is Underwater Basket Weaving 102??

  6. Wow... that's actually kind of impressive. Also, it must be easy to give driving directions to anyone near it.

    "Do you see the big basket building? Yeah, it's shaped like a BASKET! OK... well turn right then."

  7. hahahahaha! First thing I thought of was Yogi and BooBoo Bear!

  8. Yeah, it's for real.

    The basket handles have a special heating system in them to keep snow and ice from collecting on them and causing problems for the rest of the building.

    My aunt sells baskets for the Longaberger Basket Company and it's really very amazing. She makes very good money selling them and has been for probably close to 20 years if not more.

    All the baskets are handmade and have a signature of the person that made it on the bottom. The baskets are collectors items. If you check on ebay you'll find a lot of them.

    The company is family owned and run and the baskets are incredible quality. I have several myself and actually use them frequently.

  9. That's their corporate office. The factory's about two miles away. I have a lot of family living around that plant, and it's bizarre the attraction people have to Longaberger goods. My mum obsesses over picking them up at yard sales on the cheap when people don't know the value of what they're selling.

  10. i want to know if it is real and who made it

  11. why did you made it and who tall is it

  12. I used to work on the 4th floor of the "big basket". It's a pretty nice building.

    In response to the post about heating the handles, it's to keep ice from forming, then sliding off and breaking the glass ceiling over the atrium.

  13. The basket is indeed real. It is located on East Main Street in Newark, Ohio but visible from State Route 16. I live near it. The factory is located in Dresden, Ohio where there is also another large basket. Just not this Large. Longaberger is quite a successful company with their own factories, a homestead for tourists and a golf course. Longaberger not only makes baskets but pottery, fabric liners for the baskets, canning jars with the "woven" pattern on them and fetch quite a pretty penny if kept in good condition. We always joke about how funny it'd be to see them put some fake ants climbing up the side of it.

  14. Yea, I saw this in the Ripley's book! That thing is SO cool! I wanna go see it sometime!

  15. is this creation is really that real??

  16. I saw this on the travel channel a couple of days ago. They said the basket handle weigh about 10 tons each. I would like to see this in person one day. ^.^

  17. Is awsome, I heard that is a giant building and weight thousands of tons

  18. can anyone carry it...........?

  19. I live not to far from that but if you really want to see something different go to Dresden, Oh. its only like 15 minutes from that building and see the actual worlds largest basket that is not a building. i used to live a couple of block from it. plus dresden has a ton off cute little shops.

  20. That is cool i wish i could bulid that because that is cool.

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