Giant Scottie

Giant Inflatable Scottish Terrier

7 Responses to "Giant Scottie"

  1. Thats a westie, not a scottie, scotties are black, westies are white.

  2. Nope; scottish terriers come in white as well; they're known as wheatens. Also, a westie would have a rounder face than seen here.

  3. It doesn't matter what kinda dog it is... ITS BIG!!!

  4. Its silver, its supposed to be a big monopoly piece. And yes, Its a scottie.

  5. The kid is not in the best position, get out of the butt kid!!

  6. Beautiful! Where can I haz one of these??????

  7. This is so cool and it is a wheaton scottie..I have a very much alive one right beside me..omg..where can i get this??

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