Giant Scottie

Giant Inflatable Scottish Terrier

9 Responses to "Giant Scottie"

  1. Thats a westie, not a scottie, scotties are black, westies are white.

  2. Nope; scottish terriers come in white as well; they're known as wheatens. Also, a westie would have a rounder face than seen here.

  3. It doesn't matter what kinda dog it is... ITS BIG!!!

  4. Its silver, its supposed to be a big monopoly piece. And yes, Its a scottie.

  5. The kid is not in the best position, get out of the butt kid!!

  6. Beautiful! Where can I haz one of these??????

  7. This is so cool and it is a wheaton scottie..I have a very much alive one right beside me..omg..where can i get this??

  8. Look at the inside of the dog's right front and rear legs. See the indentations? This implies (though does not confirm) that this is not an inflatable, but another media, taken from a mold. Some clever entrepreneur needs to start selling giant inflatable Scotties (in black and white), and many of us are already in line for a purchase.

  9. Technically there are no white Scotties There are wheaton Scotties and that is what it is. It is not a Westie because the face is not round enough. So, I am in agreement with moonwick.

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