Pepsi White

Yogurt Flavored Pepsi White

Found via The Awesomer

9 Responses to "Pepsi White"

  1. Is this real ? I never tought that pepsi will be white too once.

  2. This reminds me to Calpico, maybe it's the US pendant to it.

  3. Finally, Pepsi makes a drink for republicans.

  4. is everyone missing the fact it's yoghurt flavour... 🙁

  5. yoghurt n water with a pinch of salt is very refreshing. i just hope there's no soda in it.

  6. @Soumya, Yes the is soda in it.

  7. @Soumya: Hmmm Ayran

    @Pepsi: please die

  8. Are you sure that's pepsi??? It could be something on an entirely different level in a pepsi bottle..

  9. just when I thought pepsi couldnt get more gross. VIVA LA COCA-COLA.

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