Hands Free Dog Bath

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  1. poor dog

  2. The really poor dog is on a skewer in vietnam ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This is the type of thing that is going to turn the dogs against us...

  4. I feel sorry for that dog too

  5. and then you wonder why he shat in your slippers!

  6. fat btch cant bathe her dog

  7. .I have 3 Bostons,,,,what a great idea!!!!!

  8. thats just pain crule i dont like this one it is horrble poor pup

  9. this is awful she should be shut in a contraption like that! lazy cow does she walk him? doubt it! rule for licenses to own animals!

  10. Clearly this dog bathing mechanism is both archaic and inefficient. If the dog's head isn't completely submerged underwater for the duration of the bath, then he isn't going to get completely clean.

    Maybe it's meant to be reversible. On the second cycle, the put the dog in backwards. 5 minutes after the dog's legs stop kicking, you release him and you have yourself a clean dog...

  11. Submerge the head? Clearly NONE of you are dog groomers (but I am) lol I've never seen a machine like that, but I do know that you don't submerge the head ect lol Wash it, sure...but don't get water in the ears or nose and don't get soap in the eyes....there is a way to do this...it's called being careful and pinching the ears shut when rinsing ect. idk....I just never comment but sometimes when you see such retards commenting, it's hard not to say something. Is the world getting dumber? ...I'm being serious...*deep sigh* anyway....rock on dummys

  12. Lol What Megan said.. I never comment but neither should most of you who obviously don't understand what your commenting about..

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