Doily Gun Holster

Crochet Gun And Holster Set

Crocheted Guns by Ingar Carina

via dudecraft

10 Responses to "Doily Gun Holster"

  1. Works if you wear only this thing.

  2. are you a real person????

  3. where's the pattern for this? wonderful creation!!

  4. Love this! Where can we find the pattern?!?

  5. Yes, where can I find this pattern? I have looked and looked...where??? Thank you in advance.

  6. Please send the pattern to the holster! Thank you!!

  7. Can you forward the gun hoster pattern please. Love its lovely

  8. Can we buy the pattern please. Forward details

  9. Unfortunately, the artist does not have a pattern available but she made them using sugar water to stiffen the fabric around a mold and then glued the pieces together.

    Follow the links right below the picture for a bit more detailed information how she created them.

  10. would like crochet patter for guns and holsters

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