Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

9 Responses to "Carbon Footprint"

  1. whose being in my house?

  2. i'm glad i don't live there!


  4. thats a gamers room for sure.... I use to play games online and played for 48 hrs straight my ass would hurt so

  5. thats a sickness if you ask me!!!!! well even if you dont ask me im saying it is. what a loser by the way.

  6. Welcome to the World of Warcraft.

  7. I think that WoW is better than water and food.

  8. The best chance of making the UK a low-carbon economy comes through community-owned green energy projects. According to a collection of civil groups that represent 12 million people, government support to create a low carbon economy should be greater. Local people need a stake in energy generation and to be given the chance to produce low-carbon, low-cost energy.

  9. thats a great advert for pepsi.. "dont be a loser, drink pepsi" lol

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