Power In The Pool

14 Responses to "Power In The Pool"

  1. wow..do they want to die?

  2. take cover

  3. Man. That is SHOCKING !!

    Someone had to say it... 😉

  4. Rofl to a bright spark.

  5. Chill guys ! It's Highlander and Superman without the costumes-hehehehe!!!

  6. death wish? lol

  7. why don't they just put it outside of the pool....?

  8. cause it won't kill them, Johnny 😀

  9. SOMEONE must have really hated there wifes.

  10. This is what is called, Survival of the Fittest.

    What has happened to the human race? Seriously.

  11. hahaha very funny drinking then suddenly getting electric shock
    didn't know it was coming eh?

  12. Most don't know that clean water does not conduct electricity. Example... Salt water is very conductive.

  13. Distilled water is non-conductive.

  14. Uhh yeah all waters conductive fool. Take a toaster in the bath and find out.

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