Fill 'er Up

Tank Refueling

Tank Refueling

8 Responses to "Fill 'er Up"

  1. How many miles per gallon [or litre] does it get?

  2. I'm thinking 2... tops!

  3. Two gallons per mile?

  4. . . . I`d have loved to see the looks on the other drivers faces at this . .. : )

  5. But why is it tagged "Norway"? These pics were taken in Sweden.

  6. The gas station is pumping good quality Norwegian diesel.
    Sweden cant afford tanks anymore.
    God bless Norway!

  7. The picture is taken in sweden, and sweden are manufacture of that SPV hägglunds its a CV9035 or maby CV9040 not shure, norway hve CV9030 witch i have driven in the norewegian army, very very VERY fun to drive 😀

  8. this aint the Norwegian CV9030N just so u people know.. so Gitchen your right!

    Leo 2 is more fun to drive on full trottle in the forrest! if you have tryed that tough.

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