All Terrain Transporter

All Terrain Split Window Type-1 Transporter

c/o Lozerifornia

Death Star Dress

R2D2 Helmet

R2D2 Helmet

Photos & Helmet Designed by Jennifer Hall

See Pics of How It Was Made

Yoda Cake

Yoda Cake

Yoda Cake Sculpture by tchitwood

Trooper Hood Ornament

Beetle Trooper

VW Stormtropper Beetle

Thanks to Glassy

Catching Up With Time

Stormtrooper Reading Time Magazine

The Secret Life of Toys by Marcos

DJ Stormtrooper

Lego Stormtrooper DJs

Lego Sculpture by Kevin Ryhal

via MOCpages

Lightsaber Tattoo

Meet Luke Skywalker