Balance Ball

Man Standing On Top Of A Golden Ball In Salzburg

‘Sphaera’ Sculpture by Stephan Balkenhol

Photo c/o Steve Collis

Beetle Ball

1953 Volkswagen Beetle Shaped Into A Ball

Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor

Photo c/o See-ming Lee

Steamer Sphere

Sphere of Vegetable Steamers Public Sculpture Installation In Brisbane, Australia

Sculpture by Donna Marcus

Found at Contemporist

Bullet Chandelier

Bullet Sphere Chandelier

Chandelier Sculpture by Kevin Champeny

Gyro Car

Futuristic Gyro Car

Automodule Design by Jean Pierre Ponthieu

Lucid Dream


Huge Mirror Ball

NASA Communications Satellite
Echo Project

Convex Focus

Arkady Golod Photography

Photographer : Arkady Golod