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Fluckinger Transport Truck | Bred Last

Fluckinger Transport

c/o Yvonne

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  1. "Fluck" means "bite on the bottom" in the Congo.

  2. Were does the Fluckering Transport drives bloys and glirls?

  3. äh, Swedish?!?!?
    the "at" in the url stands for Austria....

  4. You're right. They are based in Austria.
    Thanks for pointing that out!

  5. @ Antflucker
    "Bred last" is swedish warning sign for "Wide Load". But the truck does not seem to be especially wide.
    The picture is perhaps taken in sweden. Many trucks are running in several countries, and must complement adapt to local laws.

  6. Fluckingar does transport all over the whole Europe an a bit in Asia,
    with load from Volvo CC.
    The truck they are loading is over 260 cm wide. Thats why the signpost are "Bred last".
    Which has to be on the trailer when is on the road from start to goal.
    In Gemany, it should be "Schwertransporte" and on England "Wide Load".
    We know Fluckinger quite well, as they have in 1988 bought trucks from us in Sweden.

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