Liquid Birds Nest

Super Birds Nest Drink

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  2. nothing unusual, you can order this stuff in higher end Chinese restaurants

  3. AHAHA its so common in singapore! cheap cheap! $1.50 average price 😛

  4. yeah you can also get birds nest soup, which i think is some sort of bird nes from its own saliva, yum lol

  5. um, both the drink and the soup are actually made from a certain bird's saliva.....some sort of swallow which lives in caves in uses its saliva to "glue" together its nest, so people take the nest and extract the saliva, which has a jelly like consistency, to make the drinks/soups. but in the process a lot of preservatives/chemicals are added, which negates the supposed "health benefits" of these things...

  6. This is a delicacy in asia...

    its MAD expensive for the real deal

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