Street Philosophy

15 Responses to "Street Philosophy"

  1. yes, one can.. as long as that one has a third leg which is
    sufficiently long, like Daniel Amokachi

  2. Chuck Norris Can

  3. If the buttocks is also on the ground you can.

  4. You can if you're kicking ass with your hands.

  5. You don't kick with your hands, you hit.
    Kicking is for the feet.

  6. i kick ass, and i'm on a wheelchair

  7. @beto FTW

  8. You can't kick ass with both wheels on the ground!

  9. ya, u r right mr. Urban. it's impossible but you can use other man's feet..

  10. What if you ripped off the other dude's leg and hit his ass with it? He'd be kicking his own ass, or something.

  11. LOL. I was gonna say, Chuck Norris can...but someone already said that. So I'm not as original as I had thought 🙂

  12. you also can't kick ass with your pants on the ground ;P

  13. My wife once told me "It's hard to dig your own grave, with your foot in your mouth." She is a wise woman.

  14. boring.....not funny

  15. If someone is lying down and you have one foot on the ground and the other kicks that person's ass then at the moment of contact both feet are on the ground whilst kicking ass. As Archy said, yes you can. As Mr. Roboto said, boring, not funny, and i'll add a "thoughtless" and "stupid" to that.

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