Snake Massage

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  1. Oh My I am not going to that spa lols..that so scary

  2. I think I'll pass on this one. I like snakes, but not THAT much.

  3. How freaky! I would be so tense about being bitten that relaxation would not ever be possible. I wonder what the point of this is.

  4. That is soooo wrong! yikes!

  5. Is that Jamie Lee Curtis puttin snakes on that woman?

  6. Oh my goodness...I have a fear of snakes...I can't see any possible benefit for such a thing???

    Gives me the shivers just looking at it...


  7. Well, we've got the, judging by the alleged therapeutic value, can the oil be too far behind?

  8. i hope one of those bites her ass.. or face.. or assface!! 😛

  9. You may find it absurd, nevertheless I fancy the form and value the symbol. Is it possible to crawl and at the same time keep so much dignity? Theirs is the grace of the sylph, assented in their dancing beauty and their and subtle power. Of course if you prefer the chubby tenderness of a bunny you will never understand the slender pleasures. Oh, I have seen shit in ths page, but this is certainly a lovely therapy, both for our skin, the cold caress which us humans always tend to make so predictable, and for the soul for it may mean a symbolic reconciliation with our inner most evil nature, which is essentialy also beautiful.

  10. yeah...what he said.

  11. Well she couldnt get her boo to run his fingers on her back so this was a good alternative

  12. And the point of this is...?

  13. omg i wanna try this once.. im not scared of those sexy snakes.. they wouldnt put on you ones that bite.. this mad cool

  14. Ohhh I want to be there so baadd!!!

  15. Wow. I wonder if they clean those snakes.
    I'm a LMT and this is just creepy.

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