Ear Ink

Skull Tattoo Inside Of An Ear

Found at TattooBlog

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  1. hey thats pretty neat

  2. Very cool - love it!

  3. that must've hurt like hell!

  4. Thats gotta hurt! Can't say i'm fussed over the choice of tattoo one though.

  5. that is not nice!!

  6. that must have sucked
    looks cool tho.
    how'd you come up with that idea??

  7. omg!!!! thats sooooo cool.....i wanna get a skull tattoo, but dunno where to put it.....i think im gonna try the ear like you did^^........

  8. u have some white hairs.

  9. i have a tat on the same spot. and i can tell you it doesnt hurt a tiny bit. you barely even feel it

  10. Where did you get that done? I have asked around for years and havent found anyone who would do it, They all said the ink wouldnt take.

  11. Love it................kinda reminds me of my tat on my ear

  12. Did you get that done at Latin Skulls, Pici Rivera?

  13. massive

  14. i have an ear tattoo! mine is a yellow rose.
    what's surprising is - it didnt hurt as much as a normal one, i also have a 'tache on my finger - it keeps the kids entertained for hours lol

  15. this is one of the best tattoos i've ever seen, nice work 😉

  16. thats sick lookin nice idea

  17. clean ur greasy ear!

  18. i would get that

  19. i'm going to get one when i'm 16 😀

  20. I have a star tattood on both sides of my earlobe, but thats taking it to another level! at least another 2 actually

  21. its amazing actually, it really is

  22. hahaha my tattoo artist did this! lol

  23. LIKE IT 🙂

  24. your tattoo is stupid, why would you get a skull in your ear. frigging dummy. grow up.

  25. for some one called Da Batman you cant talk its well cool your just sad and up your own ars


  27. Ya it looks pretty cool and it's very unique :p

  28. ouch how does it pain!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I WANT ONE!! <3 LMFao ! DAtzz Frinken Awesomee!

  30. I think it's really nice for people who love Goth style. I am not into this Style, but I think this tattoo is really nice! it's a work of art. and.. oh my God, I am sure it was so painfull to do it..

  31. Im jealous, That is wicked cool

  32. Wicked Awesome! Love the unique idea. Makes me want one, thanks for sharing. I'm sure it didn't hurt. I'll be sure to show mine off too, & let everyone know that it didn't hurt. LATER!

  33. I like it a lot... my brother roy is goin to get one like u...

  34. thats my ear kinda cool seeing all over the web i had it done at micahs twisted tattoo shop by darin gonsales in layton utah thanks for all the positive feed back and no i tdidnt hurt i also have a devil in my other ear also done at micahs

  35. Got mine done last nite in my sis tatoo party his name is Sean boom from Longford nice lad and done a great job no faults in it or him n would go back def as for the ear it's not that bad only a pitch for about three mins tops after that a walk in the park buds

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