Shadow Tricks

Skateboard Shadow Photography

c/o ziza

11 Responses to "Shadow Tricks"

  1. Umm that's not an illusion. The skateboarder is just out of the frame!!?

  2. actually the person lost the board from his body

  3. yea wat mike said..but its still cool tho

  4. really cool

  5. dude who ever took this picture
    i love how tripy it is
    and ifs kinda funny the way i see it
    but anywhos i love it
    great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. musta been high noon. you could take any skate picture and just crop out the skater. shadows always look cool tho. sweetness

  7. omg! what th .. awesome , perfect timing , SHUCKS!

  8. so cool i wish i took it but any ways dats so cooooooool

  9. dats so cooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. theyve obviously just cropped the skater out of the photo, but its really good timing. the shadow looks really cool though.

  11. WICKED! haha 😀 i really like itt! xx

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