Segway Army

Chinese Police Demonstrate Anti-Terrorism Drill

Found via getwonder

14 Responses to "Segway Army"

  1. Yeah, chase me in the woods bitch and lets see how far you on that.

  2. My kingdom for a tank!

  3. Are the tiny rifles necessary? Wouldn't they just laugh themselves to death?

  4. lmao is this the future of Obama civilian national security force.

  5. ROFL! Funniest picture! Those segways are real noisy, as well! XD

  6. like they are ever gonna get any respect in those things or catch anyone like seriously they lost their dignity

  7. LOL Gay!

  8. what the h*** was that?
    they couldn't even kill a mouse..... LOL

  9. hahahah guys, give em a break, it was made in china. What do you expect ? xD

  10. I see them coming after me, I'll try to get away. Might be a little difficult as I'm down on the ground laughing my ass off! "I have Segway! I have plastic water shooter! You come quietly or I run you over!" LOL

  11. Drace, you'd be surprised how dead they could shoot you with those "plastic water" shooters!

  12. HAHAHA though have you guys ever seen one of those little bitty western pistols? they put a 2 inch hole in you... i would definitely be afraid of those little chinese men, no matter how hilarious the crap is lol

  13. These guys are pretty skilled - look how they drive with their knees.
    Maaaad skills

  14. That's pimpim LOL

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