Report Non-Humans

District 9 Bus Bench Campaign

Found at Marcy Writes

13 Responses to "Report Non-Humans"

  1. Advert for District 9 movie. Epic movie!

  2. Was a game long before it was a movie.

  3. "Was a game long before it was a movie."

    What? No it wasn't.

  4. Sure it was. Check out the site itself or go find it on an alternate reality game site, like ARGNet (

  5. Ah, gotcha. I didn't know it was an actual ARG, just a viral marketing campaign.

  6. Lol Thats Cool,
    Didnt know District 9 was a game,
    But i liked the Movie

  7. Best Movie of the Summer!

  8. these have been all over LA for MONTHS.

  9. OMG - luggage on the bench...NOOOOO

  10. I played the game a while ago. It's called Half-Life 2.

  11. This is form NY City bus stop
    Check this out

  12. I have never heard of this film

  13. Some dog owner's gonna be annoyed.

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