Porky Pooper

Porky Pooper Candy

Found at neatorama

9 Responses to "Porky Pooper"

  1. I actually used to own one of these but it was a cow not a pig lol

  2. lmao ii had a Cow to !!

  3. what was it called? beefy bowel movement?

  4. Yes

  5. lol

  6. Datz ku!!!! ma moms llike pigs but dion't no if she likes da poo!!

  7. I have this! The chocolates are good! Taste like coca cola!

  8. I got the cow as a stocking stuffer for xmas, and last year got a turkey like this too.

  9. Ha they sell those in Books-A-Million! They have to cow there too. ^^

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