Unlucky Spot

Car Disappearing In A Parking Lot Sink Hole

Car Disappearing In A Parking Lot Sink Hole

Found via thedailydigresser

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  1. Guess somebody's gonna be needing a ride home....

  2. A very unlucky spot indeed.

  3. Fiat 126p!

  4. that is photo shoped u know how i know I MADE IT'

  5. lol i was all like wtf!!

  6. I've seen things just like this happen before, actually.

  7. uhh haha ya u can see the beach sand in the corner.. noice tho, got me till i read the comment (;

  8. Looks real to me. The sand is washed out from when the car sunk in. They do lay pavers on sand to keep them level. Look at the two angles, Details match too well. In the bottom pic, bottom left corner, see the red paver? Now find it in the top picture. The white shirt or something floating in the water by the left back door. The pattern of the sand and the shadows in the sand. Seeing the pavers through the sand. Having the two photos lends a lot of credibility. If it a photoshop job it is better than a lot of Hollywood work.

  9. I thought that was one of those sidewalk chalk illusions- nice trick though:)

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  11. Its actually real. The problem was that some big water supply pipe under that parking spot burst and turned it into bog.

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  14. thats a 3d painting guyz knew it before

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