Happy Whatever

Grinch Kebabs

Santa Fruit Hat With Skewered Grapes, Banana And Strawberries

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Skull Floor

Walking On Miniature Porcelain Skulls

100,000 Porcelain Skulls Floor

Art Installation ‘What Will You Leave Behind?’ by Nino Sarabutra

Found via Laughing Squid

Lego Car

Laptop Heated Sock

Knit Sock Feet Warmer Heated By A Laptop Charger

Knithack Laptop Charger Feet Cosy

Designed by Britta

Crane Operator Rescue

Helicopter Rescuing A Crane Operator

Photo by Chris in Kingston

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Vintage Handset Dock

Vintage Handset iPhone Docking Station

Handcrafted Dock by Old Time Computer

Balance Ball

Man Standing On Top Of A Golden Ball In Salzburg

‘Sphaera’ Sculpture by Stephan Balkenhol

Photo c/o Steve Collis

Denture Comb

Acrylic Denture Teeth And Gumbs Hair Comb

Acrylic Comb by Concave Oblivion

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