Oversize Load

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  1. Okay, I was so not expecting that! 😀

  2. that is awesome!!

    funny stuff ya got here.

  3. Oh man, that made me smile. That's too cute 🙂

  4. Heh, I guess when you spend so much of your life trapped in a vehicle a sense of humor would be a huge help.

  5. XD omg that's just too funny >w<

  6. unexpected but funny

  7. This was really cute

  8. wow cool !haha

  9. Wow I was not thinking that lol

  10. a lot of flatbeds have tie down straps that don't have the ability to pull tight against the bed, so if there is no load, the driver will put something under the strap to keep it from flapping in the wind while going down the road.
    most use a piece of lumber, but apparently this driver is MUCH cooler than them.

  11. Love it!!!

  12. I saw something just like that on a freeway in Los Angeles! Sadly, I wasn't able to grab my phone in time to get the pic--glad someone, somewhere, did. Silly truckers. 😛

  13. Haha! That's fantastic! Well snapped!

  14. I was not totally sure what the word "guffaw" meant until I saw that picture. I do understand it now. ROFL! Thank you for today's second laugh. The first was something our new puppy did. Too funny. 😉

  15. LMAO....very good!

  16. Hey, that load should be up over his drive wheels. He could fishtail and jacknife his rig. ; )

  17. That is funny, I have seen that driving down the interstate, I about had a wreck when I saw that.

  18. I have snapped a camera phone picture of the same sort of thing. Calgary AB.
    It blew my mind.

  19. He's probably bringing a gift to his son, that he told "fit on the back of the truck!"

  20. I was driving around LA and saw this truck driving around (it had oregon plates) i made an attempt through the DMV to find out who drove it but the refused to release that info.... bastards...

  21. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm?! lol 🙂

  22. Boy, hope D.O.T. doesn't pull him over to check his Loaad!


  24. Haha! What a coincidence, I saw this very same thing a few months ago on I-65. I wish i had gotten a picture of it, but i guess someone did! =D

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