Dual Cat Hauler

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  1. Wow that is insane. Those truckers must have got paid. Imagine if they used that in a horror movie with the truckers running people down.

  2. Is this for real?

    Nah, can't be. That means the rigs would have to drive the same speed all the time. It's not impossible, but a slight difference in speed and everything goes boom.

  3. It can't possibly be real. Not even cruise control could do this.

  4. Oh, it can be done, if 8 trucks towing a 3.5 million pound 3 story building here in San Antonio 8 blocks can be set to match speeds, 2 trucks can be sure matched.

  5. With bracing that size I would think it would be very difficult to do anything but the same speed.

  6. i am a trucky and they must get paid that much one truck goes too fast they are stuffed

  7. Well the big truck would have brakes on so the 2 trailers are basically welded together so it's not really possible for those 2 trucks to go at a different speed.

    Those massive 6 tires > those small trucks

  8. ok. this could be real on one condition. if the trucks were locked together somehow. or the tractor is heavy enough not to let the trucks go pass one another. basicly the only way they movin if they cooporate. SO YA PPL THIS COULD VERY MUCH BE REAL!

  9. That truck is definitely heavy enough, my guess is it weighs somewhere around 400,000-500,000 lbs.

  10. This is real look at the truck on the right notice it doesn't have a mirror but the truck on the right does these are too close for it to be fake look at the trailer the wheels fit perfectly

  11. my count is 68 tires if it is two seprate rigs, and yes its doable and has been done, both trucks are pulling notice the lean to them just a slow steady pace and constant com/k..... fla heavy hauler.....

  12. Turning corners would be just about impossible. So you probably couldn't travel very far before some type of turn. So maybe this is just a short haul trip. Which would make me wonder why not just drive the large vehicle on it's own to the destination?
    This may be an actual photo but I think it was staged just for the camera.

  13. I've seen this before so yes, it's real.

  14. Engines are controlled by computers, these vehicles are built with that in mind. The computers are probably setup to communicate with various other components + other trucks to maintain an exact speed and slow down/accelerate together. Pretty badass really.

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