Range Of Motion

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  1. That's just not right.

  2. That is soooooooooo right!

  3. I love how she's so nonchalant about it. Hope she didn't chip a nail.

  4. I Can Do That πŸ™‚ And No I'm not Kidding. And I've Only Been Dancing For 3 Years πŸ™‚ And I'm ONly 14 πŸ™‚

  5. Oh.... My.... God....

  6. Aww, yeah, I bet. You're such a little liar. C:

  7. there is no way you can only be dancing three years and be able to do that, ive been dancing for 15 and im just now getting there..

  8. oooo my gosh there is no corralation between the number of years uv danced and natural flexibility or how hard u work at it... maybe she can do that

  9. I can do that easily. My excuse though is that all my joints are loose and I've always been very good at oversplits, practically since I was born. I'm just naturally super flexible. I was doing that but against the wall and I was just about at that angle and my dance teachers comes over and says "Yeah...Melanie, that's just gross"

  10. it's possible to do it after 3 years, but it would take extreme stretching. its easier when you're younger anyway because your bones are still developing. obviously you have under developed bones XDDD jk...

  11. you guys are stupid some people are born flexable and some are not the years dont make any difference it just how much you stretch and keep stretching

  12. It all depends on how flexible you are. I've been doing that since I was 3 yrs old. And I keep practicing because I am an outstanding gymnast now.

  13. haha thats awesome, i wish i could do that!

  14. dats really really good πŸ™‚

  15. everyones so cocky, just get over that she is dead flexalbe, and i aint but at least i wont be the crippled one when am older, cuz am not half as flexable, but am already getting hip problems, with just normal splits :/

  16. That girl isn't a ballet dancer...She's gymnast

  17. she's my girlfriend

  18. Shawn J: And a modest one, too.

  19. oww yup i cant do that and i have been danceing for 14 years ???

  20. It's not that hard...I'm 12 and I can almost do that...

  21. wow , i have been doing dancing and gymnastics since i was two & now i am 11 . still can't do that ! lolll (:(:

  22. Lol you could be dancing for 30 YEARS and not be able to do that. The people that say they can do it and have only been dancing for 3 years etc. are most obviously naturally flexible. IT IS POSSIBLE lol geez C:

  23. Oh my gosh, that's amazing! I wish I was that flexible. I'm just getting regular splits now... Maybe I'll be able to do that someday. Anything's possible, right?

  24. Wonder if she is doing anything later.

  25. I love her!!!!
    Her name is irina Tchachina, is a great russian gymnast !!!!!!!

  26. ive been dancing non-stop scince i was 2 and a half, im now almost 15 and i can do that but not that angle. im almost there but.

  27. thats sexy!!

  28. well the point is she is not a dancer, she is a gymnast. but still, very impressive flexibility of course.

  29. you guys are all stupid! ahahha and we can both do that in yo faces! lol ;D

  30. try looking up Hypermobility Syndrome...being flexible is not necessarily a good thing (when it means dislocating joints multiple times per day).

  31. OMG I cant wait until i am able to do that! WOW!

  32. no way would I ever want to do that! It looks horrible! Ouch

  33. i can do that i and i've been doing ballet and gymnastics everyday after school for 5 years it looks painful but it aint when you've practiced for a long time

  34. woow amasing ! i have been doing dance four 5 years and i can only do regular side splits (:

  35. omg i wish i could do that only been dancing for 8 years and i cant do that but thats just amazing

  36. it's a good thing she doesn't live in Saudi Arabia.

  37. Is she lost her leg ?? she is amazing

  38. Umm dudes all you have to do is put your leg and a chair and do it... well basically what i do when ever i put my leg when im stretching like tht i put my leg somewhere and it normally just stetches like that, that height and or lower haha

  39. Yeah, it's not always practice. It's also called hypermobility and hyperextension. I can bend my knees backwards, have ridiculous tendons and ligaments, and my knees dislocate at will. I just push em back into place. My fingers also bend in ways that are just unfortunate. My hips and leg joints are stupid flexible. I was in gymnastics and dancing until the drs told me I likely wouldn't walk past 30 if I kept it up. I grew up thinking anyone could just bend over backwards until they touched the floor.

    Was never good at spider walking, tho ... that's my biggest regret.

  40. I've been doing Yoga for 7 years and all i can do is a split. but not as far as her. that would be nice though. at least a split is better than none. πŸ™‚ a lot of people can't do a split when they hit a certain age. πŸ˜€ that's why you got to keep up with it when you're young! πŸ™‚

  41. Guys, it is not that hard, i have being doing gymnastics a year and i do it better than her of course, i have been dancing all my life, and I am ten,I do it with a higher chair and my body still hits the ground. If you want to do it, just put your leg in a chair and make a bigger split for five minutes each day, in a few months you will do it better than her.

  42. wow with you

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